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  1. Try again...This one is without the grid to show you the artifacts I mentioned. If you want to know the font it is called yaki goma from dafont.com.
  2. This one was a real pain in the rear end. I moved it so much and adjusted the zoom that it left artifacts behind. Let me know what you think. Resized to 600x600.
  3. I've gotten a slew of fonts from dafont.com and there are some that put those wingdingy things to shame. To name just a few...... Angels, dragons, gryphons, ogres, dwarves, heiroglyphs, toons, you name it it's probably there. Some come in both .ttf and .otf. In Win7 all you have to do is click on the download to open it, after unzipping. In the top left corner is an install button. Click on that and it automatically installs.
  4. This is so cool. I've been going through the tuts and experimenting in different categories. I have an excellent animation program called gimp and it plays very nicely with PDN. I prefer PDN because the interface is easier to work with. That and the fact that here there is a direct link to the forums while working in PDN. Makes things a lot easier. And thanks for the explanation on fading and blurs and such. You guys are a great help.
  5. I don't mean to burst bubbles but the only way you'll get that gradient is by using black as the secondary. Sorry, I tried with both colors listed and it doesn't show up with the black on bottom no matter what you do. I'll follow it your way and see what happens.
  6. uvah

    Drawing a Gemstone

    A description of how you did this would be most helpful. I was not here, being a newbie, when the tut was written and going to that forumer place is an exercise in futility as I can never find what I'm looking for. For us beginners knowing how to start it is kind of important. An excellent tutorial it is. Even a zoom would help.
  7. Gahlious Hostelious has given me an idea. Be back in a few
  8. Thanks very much. You see...if I don't ask I'll never learn. This will go a long way to solving my problem.
  9. Here's my contribution. It turned out not so nice. Please critique and tell me where I screwed up. I tried to improvise a little by adding planets made with the planet tuts I found in this one. They're not exactly the same as the ones described but like I said...improvise. It's only my first. I'm going back to try again.
  10. Hello...it's me again and as usual I'm having a problem. I set shape 3D to the exact settings for the planet. Checked them against the tut by putting them side by side. Same settings and all I get is a black image filled with stars, as if I duplicated the background layer. I tried different colors and all with the same results. The numbers match therefore the outcome should have been the same but...nope. Again I'm jumping the gun. I forgot you have to reset it first. Did that and now I got me a planet to play with. Tell you...PDN is fascinating me to no end. I have other 3D programs like blender and truespace but this...this one shows you the from the ground up and tutorials like this are the best. I like a challenge and long complex tuts are a treat. I'm so gonna enjoy this. kudos to the author.
  11. Exactly. The buttons I normally make are bland to say the least. The background glow effect I tried before was a dismal failure. Now that I'm learning with PDN it seems to me that such an effect should be fairly easy. Any suggestions as to how to go about it. BTW...I found the button maker in effects\render\buttons. I'm gonna go play with it now...he he.
  12. I was fooling around with something different and came up with this. Started out like the gold text tut with a cyan dual tone background. I used the Elvish Ring NFI font I found at Link. It says Tribute to J R. R. Tolkien. Then I got this crazy idea to call up shape 3D and play with it. I found it surprisingly easy to create the ring shape but...how do I put some body (depth...thickness?) to it. Any suggestions?
  13. I don't do Betas. Had too many bad experiences with them up to and including watching the BSOD on my screen. I'll wait for the RC version. In the meantime I'll try the suggestions given. Thanks much for the replies and stuff.
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