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  1. src.GetBilinearSampleClamped(x, y); How can i use ist?
  2. Where can i see my posts?

  3. Ok, lets see: Why can do a "+1" say the program, that it it should calucate each second y-coord/x coord ? (strange) I will try it and infomate (? does this word exist) you if its working or not;) MfG Whiterock ("MfG" menas in Austria, something like "With friendly Greetings")
  4. Hello community, I've just tried to make a simple box blur effect in pdn. My code is: #region UICode #endregion void Render(Surface dst, Surface src, Rectangle rect) { // Delete any of these lines you don't need Rectangle selection = this.EnvironmentParameters.GetSelection(src.Bounds).GetBoundsInt(); int CenterX = ((selection.Right - selection.Left) / 2)+selection.Left; int CenterY = ((selection.Bottom - selection.Top) / 2)+selection.Top; ColorBgra PrimaryColor = (ColorBgra)EnvironmentParameters.PrimaryColor; ColorBgra SecondaryColor = (ColorBgra)EnvironmentParameters.SecondaryColor; int
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