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  1. Why not using the right mouse button as an Enter keystroke finishing a copy/paste ?
  2. Thx. firekid that's what I thought. Could have been nice, but a link in a seperate window should do the trick. Have placed an exra explanatory screendump of such a 'computation'. By the way. I'm still worried about the difference of my 'bouwplaat' in IE in comparison with Chrome. Have you any idea ?? Greetz, Gerard
  3. I'm referring to Paint.Net as software package on designing paper models. In order to compute distances (lengths) out of Paint.Net's coördinates I used a tiny piece of Excel worksheet, called lengths and scales in PAINT.NET, which can be downloaded like it is from this very link over here. I prefer however the .xls scheme integrated within the explanatory text of the page as a kind of interactive picture. Is there a possibility ?
  4. Probably my www.bouwplaat.JOUWWEB.NL site (under construction) may be a piece of PR since I try to use PAINT.NET as carton modeling construction software being a substitute for these few mighty expensive vectoring packages. But first I'll need to get acquainted with PAINT.NET's coördinate system, mirroring, resizing, scaling, curve-measurement a.s.o. I have allready a new Excel-problem (distance measurerment) hanging. Will put it elsewhere in this forum. As soon as the webpage is functioning I'll let you know. C.U.
  5. I used the difference of the ordinates (y) at the bottom right side.
  6. Hey, that works fine. Nevertheless I still don't understand anything about these co-ordinates... When I changed the size of picture 2 in that layer2 and saved that as a new drawing one should expect the size of the tram's windowpane should be 2cm now. The same size as the one of picture 1, laying underneath layer 2 from where the resized tram was copied and pasted into 'a new drawing'. None of it. Remeasuring it shows that it has become 3.78cm... Since I want to use Paint.Net on creating cardboard models (on scale) instead of AutoCad, that I can't afford myself, the co-ordinates are quite important to me.
  7. In order to make a line-drawing over two tram- jpg's it's necessary that they are at the same scale. Resizing went perfect (0.2 mm difference !), but I have a nasty problem with copy/pasting them. To elucidate this story:
  8. Hi everyone, I want to make two metro.jpg's compatible. I.e. when I draw the contours of the 1st they have to fit on the second one. 1) jpg1: distance between ordinates (y) = 2.00 cm 2) jpg2: distance here 3.21 cm, so I resized this nr.2 jpg by 62% and... 3) 1.98cm bingo ! Who cares about 0.2 mm ? 4) But why don't they fit when I copy and paste resized 2 on top of nr. 1 ?
  9. Thanks Sarkut, thát works fine. Forgot to check the A4 size after resizeing. It's exactly 75mm now! So I can try to draw a simple model (finding out how to mutually connect all curves and straights properly) and then use it as an example on the cardboard modeling-site I'm working on. Thanks again.
  10. Hi Sarkut, I still do not obtain the correct print-out. What is wrong in the way I'm doing it ? Step1 Step2 Step3 Step4 Step5 Result (should be 75mm)
  11. Hello there,

    After retirement I picked up cardboard modeling again. Not only building, but drawing too. I'd liked our youngsters to do so as well directly stumbling across "which vector software". And then I found an appropriate substitute. Paint.Net with X/Y in the corner... That's why.

  12. Thanks Sarkut I'll do so. I've got a 404-error on this link: Missing 'www' in de readme.txt file of "how to install plugins" -> http://paintdotnet.f...php?f=16&t=2023 has to be http://www.paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=2023. Greetings, G.
  13. Hello everyone, My Paint.Net is just a few days old and upgraded to 3.56.3972.42619 :-) one hour ago. As far as I remember the previous version had a 'scaling' option. If that's true it must have been replaced by 'resize' now. Anyhow it should do the same. The problem I'm dealing with however is the following: 1) I drew and printed a square of 100x100mm 2) with 'picture adapted to the frame' ON (translated from my Dutch version) the printed size was 97.5x98.0mm 3) with 'picture adapted to the frame' OFF the printed size was 97.0x97.0mm 4) but when I started with a NEW drawing of 21.17x15.88 (standard ?) instead of my previously changed 210x290mm (A4) the printed area was 130x128mm. Apparently the size of a printed figure is depending on the seize of the frame ? How can I make an A4 to my standard basic ? And what happens when I resize the figure ? I will give it some tries, but I do like to be sure and certain before throwing away heaps of A4 sheets. Yes, I know Paint.Net is not a vector package, but I 'm almost sure it can be used on constructing cardboard models. Don't you ? Greetings from a freezing cold Amsterdam area, Gerard
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