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  1. Happy Birthday Pixey! Pixey is also on the PDN Fans forum. http://pdnfans.proboards.com/ I've mentioned this thread there. http://pdnfans.proboards.com/thread/306/happy-birthday-pixey
  2. Hello! It seems most of the forums I belong to have been quiet. I could start listing reasons excuses why I haven't been around, but most of them are made up. Mainly my head exploded from too many new plugins and tutorials, and I've been cleaning up the mess. I have a lot of WIPs, though. I've been more involved in calligraphy guild business. A lot of WIPS there too. Also there's the dog. He's a year and a couple of months old now, and very energetic. I take him for longer walks hoping it will settle him down. It works for a while, but he still wants to go outside and play, and doesn't care about the weather. But hey, I might be getting in better shape. One day I'll get stuck to my computer chair again and start experimenting. Maybe I'll finish some of those WIPs.
  3. Congatulations nitenurse, sasha, Drydareelin and toe_head. Great entries everyone Thanks chimay for hosting.
  4. Congratulations Pixey! and Riddley and Drew! I started an entry, using Goonfella's tutorial. Can't remember what happened to keep me from finishing, but I'm sure it was important.
  5. Happy (belated) Birthday Red Ochre! :) Hope you had a great day!
  6. Congratulations Cc4! And xod and Pixey too! This one really inspired me. I had fun revisiting the tutorials.
  7. How do I get the deer to stand by my garage in the first place? And what do I do if it leaves before I get a chance to take a second picture?
  8. Glass Text by Ella Images in Panels by barbieq25
  9. Hi Oma - it's great to hear from you. Congratulations!
  10. The kid who says you should not hit dogs has a valid point. And I have to agree with #7 - good call! The question in #10 isn't specific - it should be "In what city was the American Declaration of Independence signed". My favourite has to be #14 where "illiterate" is the only word spelled correctly.
  11. Congratulations Helen, Ella, and Drew. Thanks for hosting, Chimay.
  12. Thanks Yellowman! I've gotten as far as the first part, I wil finish it eventually. Nice results Doughty, Pixey, and Seerose.
  13. Apple outline is clip art from an unknown source
  14. Yellowman, I'd like to know how you made the CentipedeRose .
  15. Congratulations Helen! Nice entries from everyone, it was hard to decide. Thanks for hosting, Chimay.
  16. Again, some awesome tutorials: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/19969-making-a-jewel/ http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/20201-gold-metal/
  17. Thank you Welshy. I love playiing with colours. I've seen enough snow and ice for now. We spent some time on the weekend chopping ice, it is so thick on the road it'll take some time to melt. Then we'll have our swimming pool / skating rink again.
  18. Congratulations Rocky, Ella and Barbieq! Nice work. Welshy, you know what they say - those who can, do. Those who can't, teach. Which I think is a ridiculous expression, it takes a lot of talent to explain things in a way someone can understand.
  19. Resurrected an old tutorial for this one. (Thanks Welshy! )
  20. Congratulations everyone! And thanks to BoltBait for hosting.
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