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  1. Good to see you Sokagirl! Beautiful work, I love the colours.
  2. Thank you and congratulations, great job everyone! I'm totally addicted to GridGrad now.
  3. Thanks for the great plugin - I've been having loads of fun with it!
  4. I love everything about Calla - the gold, the colour of the flowers, the bar in the background. A thought about Panic - maybe the twist swirls the opposite way, but when you feel panic, you feel like you don't know which way to go. Which is a bit how I'm feeling today, so in that way it's appropriate.
  5. I commented on Fanatics too, I really like the colours in Blue WP. And I saw Evan's Seven on DA. Brilliant colours!
  6. The little girl is so cute. And the mascot is really cool.
  7. No problem delaying the competition. Concentrate on getting better, that's way more important.
  8. Thank you for the tutorial. Here are my results, first using the original method, second with shaped gradient.
  9. It was really hard to choose favourites for this one. Congratulations everyone!
  10. Congratulations everyone! I have to thank xmario for the pumpkin tutorial which was the basis for my entry. I didn't have a clue what to do until I started playing with it.
  11. Congratulations everyone! Possum, I hope you didn't catch my cold. Feel better.
  12. They're all gorgeous j.d. I like the silver in the heart jewel.
  13. Way to go j.d.! Congratulations to Leonte and Heat Stroke too!
  14. Congratulations everyone! I really liked all the entries, and it was hard to decide which to vote for. Possum, thanks for being a great host, and good luck to Sarkut. (Sarkut is my hero for explaining the Alpha Mask plug-in. )
  15. That's gorgeous Possum! I'd have to have a spare computer to do something like that, I wouldn't want to tie mine up for that long. The circle gradient is cool too. I looked at the link but I have no knowledge of GIMP at all.
  16. Sokagirl, you did not lose. The way I look at it, it's someone's opinion that one art work is better than another. I always have a hard time deciding which entry I like best, and it usually depends on what kind of mood I'm in. My attitude now is I do what I do and people can vote for it if they want. Congratulations Welshy and others! Everyone did a great job.
  17. Congratulations Welshy, Yellowman, Possum, Oma! I started an entry but didn't finish in time. Or chickened out after I saw the other entries. I don't think I guessed a single one right. It would be fun to have a comp just to guess who did what - match the work with the artist. (I am not volunteering to host it. )
  18. I'd say it's the entries that have to be abstract, not the awards. And the awards are lovely, Barbieq and Welshblue. (Even if they're not real cookies. )
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