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  1. Congratulations Barbie, Helen and Welshy! and thanks Chimay for hosting!
  2. Yeah, yeah, everyone complains about the weather, but no one does anything about it! I can say that because it's pretty mild here, for now anyway. But we have had a lot more snow than usual. I've just about run out of room to shovel. And it's not easy to house train a puppy in winter. But seriously, extremes either way are hard, and I hope everyone is doing okay.
  3. It's not even consistent for the whole country here. Just looking at my credit card receipts, most of them are dd/mm/yyyy, then there's the odd one that is yyyy/dd/mm, or yy/dd/mm. I wouldn't mind some consistency, 'cause I don't like having to think too much. Thanks for the article xod, very helpful!
  4. Congratulations Welshy, dug and barbieq! Great entries from everyone, and thanks to Chimay.
  5. Congratulations skullbonz, HELEN, and yellowman. Nice work from everyone. Thanks Chimay for hosting!
  6. It sems to me it's the dogs contending with the cats stealing their beds. Good to hear your kitty is recovering. The two of them are so adorable cuddled together. Best of luck with your surgery and recovery. I'll be thinking about you. (((hugs))) Here's what my kitty has to contend with: (this is a rant on her behalf) http://i.imgur.com/iM4YbvB.jpg
  7. Here's another story about honesty and kindness. Just when I'm feeling disappointed with the world in general and thinking about moving to another planet ... http://www.ctvnews.ca/world/the-20-act-of-kindness-that-earned-dairy-queen-employee-widespread-praise-1.1462865
  8. Oh no- I missed your birthday! Hope it was a good one. You too SAND. :D :cake: Cool video, Daniels.
  9. Good to hear your cat's feeling better, doughty. If you ever want to make wine again, I have a small dandelion farm in my back yard, you're welcome to them.
  10. Congratulations Helen, pdnnoob, DrewDale, Sasha, and Mottoman!
  11. Thank God, I'm not the only one! Looks really cool, I'll be playing with it!
  12. Wow - really cool! Can't think of anything else to say.
  13. I love those colours too! Beautiful image, and as others have said not so much lonely as content, tranquil, peaceful, relaxing ... etc.
  14. Congratulations Drew and everyone! (I'm not typing all those names either.)
  15. Congratulations everyone, and thank you Drew!
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