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  1. Great image of the city. I like the owl on dA too.
  2. Thanks minners and Matt. Must be some kind of weird glue on my chair. I can't see it, but when I sit on it I just can't get away.
  3. That was fun and interesting to watch. I like the final result.
  4. I love the stained glass, especially the one with the hex grid.
  5. Thanks ShinichiOkazaki. It took me a while to get things working the way I wanted. Lots of tutorials and practice, practice, practice. Thanks Welshy! That one was a WIP for a long time and I didn't know what it wanted to be. Then I looked at it and thought -Clipwarp!
  6. The first thing I thought of for Explosion of Colour was rainbow. After a number of trials, I have an entry. But now my shoulder hurts more. I don't know what I did to begin with - something stupid, probably - but spending so much time on the computer aggravated it. So if you like my entry, don't bother voting for it, just send me some Advil.
  7. Nothing wrong with keeping something as a WIP. I have lots of images that don't know what they want to be yet. Looks good so far. Love the ornament too. I would buy something like that. Well, if it wasn't too expensive.
  8. Nice work on the orbs. It's a fun tute, it took me a few tries to get one I liked.
  9. Great job on the tute, I like the cars. And Way Out Cafe - nice and bright.
  10. I like 'em too. The grid one reminds me of those shark cages - it's the first thing that came to mind. Nice colours in the dragon image, I like the grey sky too.
  11. Very nice work. I like them both.
  12. Looks really good! I like the executive toy on the desk.
  13. Great work on the map and photo edits.
  14. Congratulations Minners, nitenurse and Sasha. Great entries from everyone. DrewDale, thank you for hosting. Nice banner, too.
  15. Thanks barbieq! It's just so darn fun to play with clipwarp. Good to see you back .
  16. Nice work on all the new ones. I really like Purple Points and the skull.
  17. Welcome, nightcrafter! Nice sigs, I agree with Helen on the typography.
  18. Looks pretty cool! But knowing the train was stationary takes some of the thrill out of it.
  19. Thank you nitenurse. You didn't have to do that.
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