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  1. @ Reputo: I'm sorry, I don't get any "missing message". I've just cleaned the system from all Framework, C++ and Paint.NET and reinstalled C++ 2010, .NET 3.5 and Paint.NET but the error is still there! The "repair" is finishing without ANY errors, but the software won't start. Kind Regards, HappyMax
  2. @ csm725: Thanks for your reply. I've forgotten a "t". Now it's alright. I've tried all this stuff. I've installed (and deinstalled) the C++ redistr. and the .NET Framework but Paint.NET won't work. It's working fine on several customer PCs, but I can't get it running on mine. Any further idea of troubleshooting? The system is a Windows 7 32-Bit system. Kind Regards, HappyMax
  3. Hi everybody,<br />I hope you can help me.<br /><br />Paint.NET Installation completes successfully, but when the program starts I always get this message:<br /><br />==========================================<br />Paint.NET has detected that some important installation files are missing. If you click the Repair button it will attempt to repair this and then continue loading.<br /><br />The missing files are: Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable.<br />==========================================<br /><br />And that's it. After the
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