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  1. awsome pics did you do all the photography yourself also? :) wow if thats prude you guys are worse then the poms!! heheheh
  2. I actually photograph graffitti almost daily! living in berlin its all over the place. I think for a "tag" created threw a paint porgram, it is good.
  3. wow I feel really stupid I am stuck at : Select the black box and then select the second picture layer. Invert the selection and hit delete so all that remains is the picture that is in the shape of the box I dont understand how to invert the selection. with what click where Ekkk :oops:
  4. I would love to know how you made that!!!
  5. To RedJiggly looks great, how did you make it rainbow?
  6. I also found this very usufull, kuler is a colour inspiring site
  7. um.... it happened again or I didnt read your post correctly and that is the right answer I see what you mean. I just thought I could download smudge individual to the pack thanks for ya help
  8. for some reason, I am stuck in a Loop. I click download and it takes me back to the orginal post about smudge Eh!! :shock:
  9. thanks I will try it out now yeah i do mean L I K E T H I S and then make one word on the right side of a circle and the other on a left
  10. I am making a logo for a friend and at the same time learning paint.net which is fun.. I need to use text writing down and mayby put a curve effect so it hugs a circle... are these options available in paint.net sorry if they are really obviouse any help would be great. Thanks
  11. Hello Thanks for inspiring me with this effect, i am new to paint.net and am already finding the program and especially this forum a great source for ideas and of course help, I am stuck at the moment as how to type text down or make it curved etc mayby I just need to search this foruma little more, but i am so impatient I want to play anyways Thanks Again
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