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  1. Hello Midora Well I tried this plugin and can serve what you requested. Thanks for your help and greetings Andres
  2. Hello Jim 100361 Thanks for telling me the option, I have made this option and it is not bad, but I wonder if there is any option for the plugin stretching to the corners, when we have a diagonal and textures or photos we adjust or fit them. Sorry for the English translation Greetings and thanks for the suggestion Andres Hola Jim Gracias por la opcion que me dice , he realizado ya esta opcion y no queda mal , pero quisiera saber si hay opcion de algun plugin para realizar el estiramiento hacia las esquinas, cuando tenemos unas texturas o fotos oblicuas y queremos ajustarlas o encuadrarlas. Disculpen la traduccion al Ingles Saludos y gracias por la sugerencia Andres
  3. hello Thanks for your help, sent to capture the image to the image corners ( Stretch up corner ) Thanks for your comentarios.Saludos Andres hola Gracias por su ayuda, envio captura imagen para abrir hasta las esquinas la imagen ( estirar o abrir hasta la esquina ) Gracias por la sus comentarios.Saludos Andres
  4. Hello Red ochre Thanks for the reply, but I need to stretch my corner of the drawing to fill the whole picture and it is centered. regards Andres
  5. Hello friends Plugin that I can use to contract or expand a corner of a photo or texture ..? Thanks in advance for the help Andres Hola amigos Que plugin puedo utilizar para contraer o expandir una esquina de una foto o textura..? Gracias anticipadas por la ayuda Andres
  6. Hello Deputy tutorials link in PDF. http://www.venusvirtual.es/tutoriales.html Thank you all, greetings Andres 462
  7. Hola Os envio adjunto con los dos PDF´s para quien desee tenerlo imprimido, aunque los trabajos de Ego y yellowman, estan muy bien presentados y explicados. Saludos y muchas gracias por la ayuda recibida. I can not upload the PDF of yellowman file that exceeds the size accepted by the forum Andres 462 REFLEJO DE LUZ EN PARED_2.pdf
  8. Hello Yellowman Fantastic, Congratulations! , Performed by the video tutorial and very complete especially for those reflections of lights that serve to make textures for Flight Simulator airports. Thank you very much for the contribution and the time taken to do this work Okay ... Great ... Can you tell me how I can upload the file Paint.net tutorial 1.18 Mb WORD format to print, I am new to this topic is not the procedure ... thanks. Andres 462
  9. Hello Yellowman As the companion asked, as I can send the tutorial, so you put your name and add whatever you think most convenient. Thank you very much on behalf of the group in great tutorial, I also will send to Ego which is also performed to insert in the tutorials if it thinks fit. Thank you both for your help greetings Andres 462
  10. Hello yellowman Fantastic the procedure for these lights, thank you very much for the two tutorials and the time spent, by both Ego and Yellowman for their help to make this wonderful program Paint.Net, these light textures, works perfectly. Receive my greetings and thanks. Andres 462
  11. Hello Ego Eram Thanks for your reply and help, I'm making progress on the issue thanks Greetings Andres 462
  12. Hello Ego Eram Thanks for the info, I've done step by step explanation with his excellent result, congratulations and thanks for your help. Could be interesting to have an oval shape with gradient regulation point to create light effect in both wall and floor, and see Fig_3 Fig_4. From here to whom the request that if possible this improvement is taken into account to perform this type of effect as is done with Photoshop. My thanks to Ego and Paint.Net team for their work. Thanks Andres 462
  13. Fig.2.bmpFig.1.bmpHello friends Paint.Net I would appreciate your help to do the following with Paint.Net. I have a texture Fig.1 wall of a building and would like to put a reflection of light from a street lamp as shown in Fig.2 and not as do with Paint.Net. I hope your comments and forgive my English that is translated with Google. Thanks in advance for your ayuda.Saludos Andres 462 Hola amigos de Paint.Net Agradeceria vuestra ayuda para poder realizar lo siguiente con Paint.Net. Tengo una textura de la pared de un edificio Fig.1 y quisiera ponerle un reflejo de luz de una farola como se ve en la Fig.2 y no se como hacerlo con Paint.Net. Espero de vuestros comentarios y perdonar mi ingleS que es traducido con Google. Gracias de antemano por vuestra ayuda.Saludos Andres 462
  14. Ok midora Thanks for the info regards. andres462
  15. Hello, Midora and pdnnoob Thanks for answering my request, my bad English and I translate in to google I want to clarify what is necesiti generate files in BMP format 16-bit RGB as shown in Figure 1 attached Paint.net there are only two formats 24-bit and 8 bits. the question is there any plugin to be apart from the previous 16-bit ...? I hope I have clarified the issue and excuse my English, Thanks in advance for the help regards Andres462
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