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  1. I prefer my way of doing this. Duplicate the colored layer, make the top layer black and white, and erase what you want colored on the top layer.
  2. No offence, but that looks extremely bright. [ The after picture. ]
  3. Wow. My forum has 2,400 views, but only 1 reply. /thinks
  4. The crack effect is easy. Draw some lines, make some editing.
  5. This dude's siggy is bigger then mine. --; Well, was.
  6. Never looked at the second page; cool.
  7. Athena.mm


    Oh, that reminds me.. Will you marry me? ^ Image above created by Ash. :o
  8. Oops. I completely forgot about the transparency. 8)
  9. Hey, you guys should really feather them. They sure look like they need a feather.
  10. Cool, but, can you make it a lil' bigger? I can't read the text Here you go. ^-^
  11. Heeeeeeey, I just made a cool new map. The pirate ship one looks weird, but I thought I'd add some sorroundings in. :wink: Map with Pirate Ship: Map: And please don't anyone steal them! It took me a while to figure out how and the equation! 8)
  12. Ehh. Good idea. I'm new to Paint.net forums. Now you are in the know. Welcome to the forums. Thanks. :wink:
  13. Could somebody tell me the link to the feather plugin?
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