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  1. Hi! My Screen Name is Israelite, this is my first post, I have been using Paint.net for 2 years now, off and on, but I have been using the forums to help me with everyday art things, thanks for making this awesome App. Now onto why I posted in this Pictorium Phire----There are 13,002 Pi digits in this picture, but most are covered up by the black parts. took me an hour to make this, it was really tough. This is just another Lemographed picture and words This is just a weird piece I doodled on. This is a desktop background I made, I didn't make the driftwood picture, but I made it look painted. I always use paint.net to fix photos, it makes them much better. This really is a Mediocre Picture, I only used the fire Plug in on it. this is a car/cloud reflection in a puddle of water but turned upside down and Lemography'd(not a word) Tell me what you think
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