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  1. Thanks, I'm not much of a "perfect quality design" guy. I blend and mix plugins with colors and see what happens.
  2. I vote myself for the weirdest art gallery:). I'm pretty sure some people will agree.
  3. Kennedy hands down... Clinton said he would do the mummy... Emo hair or Spikes?
  4. Uggh spring weather made me get sick >_< This stupid forecast told me that it would be sunny... all of a sudden it starts to rain after I finish eating at Pizza Hut. I never brang a coat or anything, so it's not my fault the weatherpeople make stupid predictions >
  5. Well yeah if he starts driving then he can see all the damage he made.
  6. cough*Google Video*cough From what I remember, Google Video is being shut down soon. NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!! I love google video o.O
  7. Pretty nice overall... but one thing is missing... cookies
  8. Another great gallery! *sigh* I just wish I could do stuff like that, I got addicted to colors o.O
  9. I agree with m2.. but... did you cut off the head or something?
  10. Yeah it answered my question. You have to admit, it does look like a checkered flag. It's a great gallery overall . *p.s., check out mine :O*
  11. It's nice that your using "the queen on paint"'s tuts . (She must be the queen, no other girl beats her honestly >_>.) I love your pictures, ultimately the honda pictures.
  12. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! I love all of them, especially the iRock one lol that one make me chuckle quite a bit. By the way, where'd you get the idea of a checkered flag?
  13. I like the converse and the first one. If you added maybe a backround to the bubbles, it may turn out even more awesome. (just suggesting though o.O)
  14. I like it, I really do. It looks great with the colors, nice font too.
  15. Thanks Oma. and yes I'm not afraid of using colors. I just give people whatever I think looks good. I'm usually all for colors, sometimes designs, depends on what I'm making.
  16. This is a nice gallery of anime pictures. You should do requests! :O
  17. Sorry, I don't really have names for them. I'm glad you liked the two pictures .
  18. You really are great with abstracts. I just don't get how your supposed to make the quality perfect. It confuses me sometimes *scratches head*.
  19. I noticed you have a nice useage of spirals and aurora mixtures, pretty nice combinations if you ask me. Overall, I would rate this a 9.5/10. This is a great gallery, you did a good job!
  20. This looks similar to the actual thing but it doesn't have the darkened background and the glow from the show. This is really good though, keep it up and you'll get it in no time . I might try this myself when i install a few more plugins.
  21. They look awesome, do you use the crystalize plugin? Because I notice some of it is crystalized. Nice fonts, too
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