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  1. Ha! Thanks guys. It took quite a while to get it to look right. I mean it started life like this: I've also started to try some isometric pixel art I'm not too happy with this though. need to put more detail into the roof.
  2. So I was bored one day since I'd finished programming and had nothing better to do. I opened up paint.net and started clicking away and eventually I had this: It's taken up 3 of my days, and Considering it's my first bit of pixel art i'd say I haven't done too badly. There are still one or two little details about it that are annoying me, but I'd say it's pretty much done. And In case you don't recognise it, it's the HEV Suit from Half-Life 2
  3. I have a game that needs Heigtmaps in .Raw format, but i don't have any software that can open or create the files format, cn it be added to P.n?
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