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  1. Thanks, I'm not much of a "perfect quality design" guy. I blend and mix plugins with colors and see what happens.
  2. I vote myself for the weirdest art gallery:). I'm pretty sure some people will agree.
  3. Kennedy hands down... Clinton said he would do the mummy... Emo hair or Spikes?
  4. Uggh spring weather made me get sick >_< This stupid forecast told me that it would be sunny... all of a sudden it starts to rain after I finish eating at Pizza Hut. I never brang a coat or anything, so it's not my fault the weatherpeople make stupid predictions >
  5. Well yeah if he starts driving then he can see all the damage he made.
  6. cough*Google Video*cough From what I remember, Google Video is being shut down soon. NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!! I love google video o.O
  7. Pretty nice overall... but one thing is missing... cookies
  8. Another great gallery! *sigh* I just wish I could do stuff like that, I got addicted to colors o.O
  9. I agree with m2.. but... did you cut off the head or something?
  10. Yeah it answered my question. You have to admit, it does look like a checkered flag. It's a great gallery overall . *p.s., check out mine :O*
  11. It's nice that your using "the queen on paint"'s tuts . (She must be the queen, no other girl beats her honestly >_>.) I love your pictures, ultimately the honda pictures.
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