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  1. that is a hell of a lot of layers used!!!
  2. yes, global warming is a terrible thing and neads to stop, im saying this because over in NZ we have it worst lol
  3. this is me, im only 11...did it say in the rules what age you hav to be to join this forum? cause i forgot, anyway please dont ban me if im too young
  4. how's this? i made it in about 20 minuets cause i was rushing i am a huge fan of blackjack so thats why i made it
  5. THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!! you rule!!!!!!!!
  6. HEY! lol i was just playing around wit PDN and i discovered that so i was going to put a TUT but found out you had! lol
  7. cool TUT!!! heres what i got!!!!
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