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  1. Yup, that would be correct 8) Have you two points, for this is sparta!
  2. Me likey! Good tut and 2 points if anyone guesses what movie the picture is from
  3. Hey I can log in! (I don't know why I have the hardest time...) Anyways, glad you guys like! EDIT: Who knew it was going to take that many plug-ins
  4. This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it I know I am sorta kinda breaking the rules by posting a tut so soon. Just thought I would share a different type of border. Maybe someone will experience Eureka while following and will make a better border, which I encourage them too. Also the title is kinda a placeholder, don't know exactly what to call it WARNING: I don't exactly believe in merging layers before the product is finished, while exceptions do apply, don't expect to merge layers until the end Plugins needed: Bevel Selection Borders N' Shapes Drop Shadow Alpha displacement Optional: Conditional Hue Here is what we are making: If you have an image already you can skip the first 3 steps. 1. New Image: 800 x 600 2. Paint Bucket Default settings, Primary color black 3. Fill layer 4. Image Canvas Size. Width = 1000, Height = 750 5. Use the magic wand on the first layer and select the white area with 0% tolerance. 6. Cut the selection (Ctrl + X) 7. New layer 8. Paste 9. Move to your second layer and fill the selection with a dark blue (0026FF) 10. bevel selection. Depth 17, everything else normal. 11. Copy the selection (the beveled blue rectangle) into a new image. Make sure you delete the blank white canvas. Save the new image as "Temp.png" 12. Switch images to the border image 13. add new layer 14. run alpha displacement with "Temp.png" as your mask. 15. Move one layer down (to the beveled rectangle layer) 16. Magic wand, 40% - 50%, anywhere on the plain blue part. 17. Add Noise: Intensity 64, Color Saturation 0, Coverage 75.28 18. Motion Blur: Angle -90.00, Centered, Distance 37. 19. Deselect 20. add new layer above your alpha displacement layer 21. Primary Color, black, secondary color, white with Transparency - Alpha 0 22. Gradient upper-right hand corner with normal settings. 23. Duplicate layer. 24. Flip layer horizontally 25. Flip layer vertically 26. New layer 27. Magic wand the outside of the background layer then invert so that your image is selected. 28. select the newest layer 29. Borders N' Shapes. Width 11, Color (RGB) 64,64,64 30. Magic wand the new border. 31. Bevel Selection. Width 1, Use alternative lighting direction 32. Gaussian Blur 8 33. Merge the layers together, except the background layer! 34. Drop shadow: x -5, y -5, widening Radius 1, Blur Radius 8. 35. Drop shadow: x 5, y 5, widening Radius 1, Blur Radius 8. Note: if you are using the black background nothing will show up 36. If you would like, you can add a new layer on top of everything, make a white ellipse and turn the transparency to ~20 37. Run conditional Hue on your top layer and have fun! This is what you can do...picture not included waits for the tomatoes
  5. You've could have added some pretty neat effects, but overall not bad.
  6. Just do what TopHATslash described (first I believe you have to download the plugin) And I must admit this tutorial is enjoyable! I think I have made more than a few versions with varying font
  7. I am not the best at masking, would using masks the right way turn out something like this: EDIT: I can't find Baveuse text... :?
  8. Hey it is working again, you must of had the magic touch :wink:
  9. [*IMG]http://img229.imageshack.us/img229/1616/random2ym2.png[/img*] umm... I added in the stars or an image would appear, and that would look a little awkward
  10. I can confirm what he says I hope you can get this back up and running soon.
  11. It sure has been optimizing performance for awhile (or maybe it is not, I am just anxious)
  12. This is funny and informative, good job
  13. ^^ I like the blue shadow. Anyways here is my attempt. At first I tried using different angles but nothing came out better than this.
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