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  1. Yup, that would be correct 8) Have you two points, for this is sparta!
  2. Me likey! Good tut and 2 points if anyone guesses what movie the picture is from
  3. Hey I can log in! (I don't know why I have the hardest time...) Anyways, glad you guys like! EDIT: Who knew it was going to take that many plug-ins
  4. This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it I know I am sorta kinda breaking the rules by posting a tut so soon. Just thought I would share a different type of border. Maybe someone will experience Eureka while following and will make a better border, which I encourage them too. Also the title is kinda a placeholder, don't know exactly what to call it WARNING: I don't exactly believe in merging layers before the product is finished, while exceptions do apply, don't expect to merge layers until the end Plugins needed: Bevel Selection Bo
  5. You've could have added some pretty neat effects, but overall not bad.
  6. Just do what TopHATslash described (first I believe you have to download the plugin) And I must admit this tutorial is enjoyable! I think I have made more than a few versions with varying font
  7. I am not the best at masking, would using masks the right way turn out something like this: EDIT: I can't find Baveuse text... :?
  8. Hey it is working again, you must of had the magic touch :wink:
  9. [*IMG]http://img229.imageshack.us/img229/1616/random2ym2.png[/img*] umm... I added in the stars or an image would appear, and that would look a little awkward
  10. I can confirm what he says I hope you can get this back up and running soon.
  11. It sure has been optimizing performance for awhile (or maybe it is not, I am just anxious)
  12. This is funny and informative, good job
  13. ^^ I like the blue shadow. Anyways here is my attempt. At first I tried using different angles but nothing came out better than this.
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