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  1. @ Helen - Thank you - I am glad you like them! The nebula's are a new thing that i am experimenting with. I think i have the planets pretty much mastered. In some planet pics i have a sort of space dut in the background, so recently i have taken that effect and expanded upon it to create nebulas. So the fact that you like the early stages shows that i am getting there lol @ TheonlyChad - Thank you, its great to be told that your work is improving. Makes all those hours learning techniques and perfecting your methods all that more worth while lol. Trust me, many an hour have been spent learning spacescapes. I think i have just about every spacescape tutorial for Paint.net @ Sokagirl - Gald you like them, thanks for the kind comments. Again the nebulas are very early experiments with methods i have learnt and then tweaked by myself. a lot of trial and erorr i can tell you! Thank you again for all the kind comments I might post a short tutorial in here about how to create the "space dust". Then from there its easy to figure out how to make nebulas
  2. ohh nice patterns! That orb has a nice icy feel to it, very cold. I love it, cant wait to see more textures from you =MA=
  3. I agree! It does look like a bracelet! Nice work Sokagirl
  4. Everything apart from the basic texture is all PDN. I supose it could be possible to even create a basic land texture in PDN to work from. Essentially i use a base texture and work up from that. so its about 85-90% PDN
  5. :o a second commment of praise from Helen! I really must be doing something right lol. Thank you for the kind comment I think i have this spacescape thing down to the letter. I even created a tutorial on how to create earth like textures for planets lol
  6. A nebula i have been working on: let me know what you think
  7. sent you the pm sokagirl thanks ^_^
  8. I agree, 2012 does look awsome cant wait to see it. What bugs me is that there are people out there downplaying the film saying they are not going to see it because nothing is going to happen in 2012, its all lies, the film is playing on the myth ect....blah blah I say screw them, the film looks awsome. Hollywood have picked up on the mythos of 2012 and decided to make a filmr about it. So its based off half truths, half facts, make believe and tinkerbells special mix. But 80% of films are like that! Just because its loosly based of some urban myth doesnt mean that i am not going to watch it. Indiana Jones, for example does this and does it good. As an student in my finale year studying archaeology myself, I should be cringing at all the mistakes and inaccuraces that indy and other movies like 10,000BC and Outlander make. But i dont, because its awsome entertainment. anyway /end rant, 2012 is one of the films i am dying to see, along with 4th kind, which looks amazing.
  9. Hey there, this is my first tutorial so bare with me! let me know of any mistakes or how terrible it is! so lets begin! --------------------------------------- firstly find a land texture that you are going to use as your base. This could be cracked earth, lumpy terrain, ect.... for the basis of this tutorial i will be using this texture found via google: ok start off by opening paint.net to a 800x600 canvas. open a new layer and put your basic texture on to it. As you may notice, it may be too small. BUT thats ok. Just copy and paste untill the whole canvas is filled up. you should have something like this: As you can see from mine there are plenty of seams. But dont worry about fixing this up, it will be a waste of time as they dont become noticable later on. next create a new layer and fill this in green (not a bright green). Set the layer opacity between 85 - 90% ( i used 80) what this does is it gives a green tint to the texture. We are trying to create an "earth like planet texture" so some green is needed. You should have something lik this: Thats the easy part over and done with! Next wee are going to add water to our planet texture. creat a new layer and call this "water". Now with the paintbrush tool, select a meduim blue colour and begin outlining your oceans and lakes. For rivers i reconmend using a brush width between 1 and 4 pixels. Eventually you should have something like this: Now create a new layer and call it "deep water". The idea here is to select a darker shade of blue and then paint, in the middle of your large water areas (lakes and oceans) to create the sense of deep water. Keep away from the shore line! You will see why in a second. Once you have your deep water areas, apply a fragment blur with the settings: count 4, distance 8. after this, apply an average blur of a strength between 8 and 10 ( i normally use 10). You should have something like this: We now have deep water, yay! But we need a shore line. So create a new layer and call this "shore water". Take the paintbrush tool with a pixel width of between 6 - 8 and map out your shorline, following the origonal shape of your water. What your aiming for is to put the shoreline at the edge of your water. Once you have finished add a fragment blur of 4, 8 again and then add an average blur of 10. you should have something like this: Now we want to add some climate to the texture, not much though. Create a new layer and call this "yellow". On this layer create a yellow eclipse accross the centre of your texture, keeping well away from the top and bottom edges. Erase any pats that go over any water (including rivers). you should have something like this: But what a mess! open up the "yellow" layers properties and change the blend mod to overlay. Next change the opacity to 35. The yellow blob becomes almost invisible, but yet adds a strange sense of climate to the picture: Now lets create some atmosphere! Create a new layer and call this "clouds". Change your prmary colour to black with a transparancy of 0. Have your secondary colour as white. Now go to effect -> render -> clouds. You can play with the cloud settings but i find these to be good ones: Scale 535, roughness 0.65. you should have something like this: ....and your done! All finished, you now have an "earth like texture" for your planet Of course dont stop there! You could try adding in some icecaps: So what can you do with this texture? create a planet of course! Heres my finished planet: Feel free to post your attempts, i hope the tutorial was easy to follow and to understand =MA=
  10. lol, sorry Helen Thanks for the kind words, top three eh? I must be doing something right lol
  11. wow that apple is awsome! I'd love to be able to make something like that! also, the blue rose on multiple screens is epic, how in the name of spam did you create that?
  12. Hello, you're quite welcome to enter the SOTW. I already have - the halloween one.
  13. I have lurked around for al ong time now, i thought i might as well enter one of these competitions and "mingle" with the community. so err.....hello
  14. hey guys and girls, been working on a new space scape, i was so pleased with it that i turned it into a sig and an avatar. I also had a go of turning it into a wallpaper Let me know what you think , thanks =MA= Spacescape Avatar Sig
  15. wow awsome blend of colours and a nice arrangment of patterns! I love it - looks like a shogun wizard in the background overlooking a powerful fire and wind spell that he is using to cause destruction. ( there is a distinctive face in the background caused by the pattern - i think anyway) one day Sokagirl your going to have to teach me how you make this wonderful patterns.
  16. updated. Added a new poker chip - its not very good (purple bat thing) but its a work in progress....
  17. mixture of both I just find it epic that your changing your username to keep up with the OS. Its pretty awsome.
  18. most people upgrade their computer and your thinking about upgrading your name ? epic, absoultly epic
  19. :shock: i have inspired you? wow thats a first, thank you I spend a lot of time on the spacescapes, space captivates me and i am glad they are inspiring you to make some of your own As for the sketches thanks again, i like to sketch and to have someone say that they are good work makes me proud of them.
  20. thank you ^_^ - i think the wolf one is the best sig i have done to date. The mountain landscape - i was messing around in PDN testing out effects and stuff, its not great but i am glad you like it EDIT: I also made a matching avatar:
  21. ok first time in one of these, heres my attempt: stocks: http://i201.photobucket.com/albums/aa32 ... _grave.jpg http://theplayland.com/wp/wp-content/up ... rd-x21.jpg its abou 20% PDN
  22. nah a black velvet frock with red silk inlay
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