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  1. wow that christmas image is great, nice work. Its making me feel all festive! its gotta be on of my fav christmas pictures i have seen done in PDN
  2. Wow! I love that festive bike and reding all the little stories to the pictures make them even better! I think i will have to visit this gallery more often
  3. wow your sigs are awesome. Thats lion is great too! bet that took some time to make - cant wait to see more.
  4. whey! More excellent stuff! on the topic of "professional" desginers and what not, i sold one of pictures as a print the other day to a friend. Does that make me a professional lol.
  5. Someone say aliens? Like midget aliens? Nice and green! Even aliens must enjoy the idea of exchanging gifts right? Not all of them want world domination....... hehe, anyway, nice work Sokagirl, keep em coming.
  6. Thanks the snake one took the longest to make - whats P.I? lol. The eye was created using waves and Gradiants. Plus a steady hand
  7. Working on a logo: I am thinking of creating a website for the better of my pictures and future work, good idea? Kinda like a portfolio or something
  8. oh i like that, has the nice chilly winter feel to it but at the same time something awe inspiring.
  9. ok sorry for the 3rd post, heres some more along the themes of "inspiration", here is "visionary" and "imagination", all 100% PDN: another picture i just finished doing:
  10. hahaha indeed i do - i feel that the more areas that i practice in then i can apply those aspects to other areas. make sense? Thats why my gallery is a bit diverse lol I am glad you like that picture - It has a "brother" of sorts but i didnt think ti was very good so i didnt upload it. But for anyone thats intrested here it is: I also made that into a wallpaper. I will upadate my first post with links to them. EDIT: Made a matching avatar and sig
  11. Some of my latest stuff: and a wallpaper of the same design (dimensions 1280X800) ( also avalible in 800 X 600 - see first post under wallpapers)
  12. ... until they looked in the mirror :shock: Very good photo manip ... I'm not sure I've been here before :? hahaha, thanks and nope dont think you have :S
  13. hahaha thanks guys only way to learn is to experiment. Just to let you know, no kittens were harmed in the making of those pictures.
  14. yeah, the edges do need smothing out, something went wrong when i merged layers O_o, but it was my first try at something like that, so i am going to give it another shot anyway, was messing with photo's and i made an alien cat:
  15. it looks like pac man! or maybe his strange borther from the circus lol nice one Soka girl
  16. Thanks Glad you like them I was messing around with a few photoshop tutorials again, trying to see if they are possible in PDN. Now this one was tricky, it was a tutorial on making a unique "christmas" card. Now the picture isnt perfect, theres quite a few things wrong with it, but you will be able to get the general idea of the picture. Please bare in mind this was my first attempt at creating this card. I might have another go later on today. Practice makes perfect apprently.
  17. Thanks for the comments guys Theonlychad - thanks for the feedback adn kind words, and i will remember your advice for my next spacescapes! I always like to improve ^_^ =MA=
  18. wow great gallery! Nice sigs too (the avatar one is my favorite - i am huge fan of avatar )
  19. oooh very blue! Blue is my favorite colour so that picture automatically earns win I kinda looks like the time vortex from Doctowho, the shape/angle of it. I wonder if you'd be able to make the time vortex - your next challenge perhaps?
  20. Pretty sweet! nice job - might have to try to create a spacr orb thingy myself from your tutorial
  21. Thank you for the kind comment, that picture was me just messing around with effects and seeing what i could come up with.
  22. Love the new avatar sokagirl!!! Havnt been active the last few weeks looks like i missed out a lot
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