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  1. hey guys thanks for the comments sorry havnt been around much but real life is taking its burden, uni is getting harder and more demanding now that its the second half of my finale year, but will try to be around much more. -- the owl looks a bit blurry due to the method i used in blending the colours together. atm the moment i have nothing new to show but all in good time
  2. wow, some nice stuff recently sokagirl - your deffinatly getting better! thanks for sharing and keep them coming. =MA=
  3. Thanks heres some "clipart" that i have been working on 100% PDN:
  4. Heres another "real life" pic - a tree frog: Heres something i am working on, the shading still needs adding. At the moment i am working on the end of the tail, as you can see the tail end just doesnt look right and then atfter that i have gotta fix the feet.
  5. Thanks guys - took a while to make and tweak that picture lol
  6. Thanks Guys Heres the next version of the hat, i tweaked the lighting and shadows as well as fixing some of the edges which looked off:
  7. Thanks Sokagirl @Hutton the Photo one used the smudge tool which doesnt work with the new version og PDN so i cant make a tutorial on that i am afraid. I might make one for the inspiration picture. Heres what i have been working on today:
  8. I too like the plastic one, some creative work there Sokagirl. I am glad you stayed around, your work gets better every day, Hope you stick around for the new year
  9. i thought it was just me that noticed that lol. Wasnt sure if it was a glitch.....
  10. Sweet, thanks Oma I also just realised that the portofolio the pictures are from are from the same chad that posts on here lol If i get stuck might just PM him
  11. Hey there, ok i am stumped, i have done a search but everything points to the Drop shadow plugin. Basically i was wondering how do i create shadows like those in the following images (2 types of "shadows"):
  12. ^_^ Thanks Oma, that means a lot coming from you. The tablet was a surprise lol, i had been saving money to buy one and then my uncle got me one for christmas, so i am quite happy with it Its still strange using it to draw, but i am getting used to it.
  13. Ok heres the latest i have drawn in PDN - No source pictures this time, its all from my head. Not sure if thats a good thing though....
  14. Oooohhh I love those spacescapes! How do you create the nebulas/space dust? I have been experimenting with diffrent ways but i have never got anything like that.
  15. Nope PDN does not support pressure sensitivity - Might have to get photoshop for that.......
  16. Heres another that i have just finished - again i used a source pic but a lot more free hand in this one. Think i am getting used to using a tablet now:
  17. Thanks for the comments I got my hands on a drawing tablet so i i messed around, heres what i came up with: I kinda cheated though as i had a source picture to work from - Though my sketech differs abit. I think i might get along well with this drawing tablet
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