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  1. Hey there, i was wondering how woulds i make something like this:
  2. UPDATED - 6 NEW SIGS UP!! I think i am improving, what do you think??
  3. Hey, I know its been a while, but i updated my gallery. I included some avatars/Sigs i made using images from Google. I think they turned out well. I also did some "blank ones" (with out my name) so others can use them if they wanted.
  4. Thanks ^_^ I even took the picture myself :o @Oma Thanks for the advise! Glad you all like my work =MA=
  5. Thanks Guys I have done some more dragons! I think i am getting better..... Please comment *First Post updated with new Pictures*
  6. Hey guys updated the first post with new images hope you like them
  7. Thanks was my first sig i ever made I will mess around it some more and see if i can make it better!! Thanks for the link to the tutorial too. Lol, the lost wall as a motivational poster?? hmmmm... i too like the way it turned out. Took the picture myself 8) Thanks for the comments people. =MA=
  8. look i made a signature: I am quite proud of this as it mixes at least 3 tutorials togther. Took me a while to make it. Let me know wht you think
  9. Wow thats cool!! How the heck did you make that?
  10. Misc Hidden Content: The Lost Wall Magic Circle Abstract thing i made when messing around: Experimented with the cloud effect: More messing around and Experimenting. I like how it turned out: Celtic Deer: Sketches Hidden Content: Here is a Picture i Drew: Another Dragon i drew: Painted sketches Hidden Content: Logo's Hidden Content: Signatures and avatars Hidden Content: Poker Hidden Content: Space Hidden Content: Second attempt at a planet: Dark Matter: I call this one Earth: Terra: Exepriment with Gradiant for "moons": Tried a Photoshop tutorial in paint.net, had to compromise a lot but i think i got there: First Attempt at an Asteriod: Small Nebula (that i might make into a Tutorial) Space pod 100% PDN: Wallpapers Hidden Content: Earth: (1280X800) Inspiration: (1280X800) Inspiration: (800 X 600) Creativity: (1280 X 800) Creativity: ( 800 X 600) Imagination: (1280 X 800) Photo Edits Hidden Content: Took of photo of me and tweaked it: Finished version: Alien Cat Was messing with a photo of a kitten (found on google images) and i made an alien cat: Let me know what you think
  11. wow i like this a lot!!! Thanks for sharing! i foolowed the tutorial and messed around with the settings and well heres my attempt:
  12. Hey there, I want to make a picture look like its "raised" on top of another. So imagine if you will that you have a large picture, and you place a smaller picture ontop (in the corner). Now it just looks like you dumped a picture ontop of another - Whati want is to make it look liked it is raised, with a bit of shadow so it seems as though its "layered" or "raised" Is this possible??? thanks for any help
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