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  1. I've featherd it a few times... i just cant get it to not look so edgey...
  2. You could probably get the same effect with buldge...
  3. Pretty sure the lens flare plugin for PDN is pretty useless (opinion) It just makes grey circles
  4. It was the first one Thankyou... I searched for it, but it wouldn't let me search 3d and when i put another word with it, it didnt come up with it
  5. I know its here somewhere... yes ive tried search... Im looking for the 3d text tut... its not the really basic one.. So yeh...
  6. ^^ thats good Where can i find this plugin (don't answer that, i know where it is)
  7. Is this what your looking for? Shape3D It's stickied in the plugin section...
  8. the best bit is it works... I would like to see this end up as a tool =]
  9. StarWarsEpisode8 ... alcon1.jpg ... ighter.jpg
  10. Would it be possible to get a smudge plugin/ tool? Preferably tool =] Personally, i'm a big fan of the smudge tool in photoshop and i would like to see it appear in pdn. And on the same note =] Liquefy for pdn?
  11. There we go... What planet did you say you were from? Fullsize: ... x/Done.png Stocks: ... lpaper.jpg
  12. in theory this sounds good. BUT... it will be hard trying to join all the scenes together. Probably because you will get different shades of black, different amounts of stars. Its going to look boxy =]
  13. My Entry... =] Autumn I scalled it down a bit... so it would fit handsomely on the page xD lost a bit of detail... I drew the tractor my self... and the stock... (tractor)
  14. COrrect me if im wrong... but I think he means its like a brickwall, but there is a "dent" shaped like a tiger in it... (you know, cept the dent comes out of the wall, not into the wall) i dunno, i could be completely wrong xD
  15. but naturally, your posting on the forums, you can expect so biased-ism
  16. viewtopic.php?f=12&t=24460 Well i just used the car from that topic as an example as it was the closest at head but here you go... Basically its the same as changing the colour of the car... Cut it out and use curves to colour it... Using the car from viewtopic.php?f=12&t=24460 though, you can just use the magic wand at 66% and it should select it all. Then open curves (adjustments -> curves :Curves: ) and yeh, go crazy. Learn about curves here : viewtopic.php?f=15&t=23569