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  1. Hey, thanks. =D Good job, LFC! I don't know what's wrong with the Lens Flares either, so I posted a question on the R&Q board. Note: I used the 'Ellipse selection then Ellipse subtraction selection' to get the crescent effect, since the curved line method didn't work too well for me. =P
  2. A good idea is to save all the images you'll use as frames in one folder or on your desktop, because you place them in the unfreeze box by dragging and dropping them into it in the desired order. Sorry I didn't understand your previous question.
  3. fredsburgers- (I'm assuming you're talking to the tut author) What you have to do is create each frame individually on PDN. (ie, the picture moves a little bit in each pic you make) Then, when you have all the frames you need, use the unfreeze program he linked to to mesh them all together into an GIF animation. Hope that helped.
  4. Thanks! =D I'm quite pleased with it. The pic is a Kushan Destroyer from the game Homeworld. =P My avy is from the same series. *obsessed*
  5. Hey, thanks man. =] I knew it was something simple. If no one else posts after me by the time I'm done, I'll edit this post and stick my finished project in. But, unfortunately, I can't figure out how to render Lens Flares (yes, I have the plugin for it), and I REALLY wanted to use em. ;~; Any tips?
  6. Sorry if this is a stupid question, and forgive me if it's already been asked, but how do I enter the exact color value? (ie, 00BBFF from step 7) Thanks. =/
  7. Phew, big project. xD Great result, though. Thanks a bunch. *moves on to Helio Sig Tut*
  8. K_I_N_G- I think the concept is awesome! =D A tip: Try to make it look like the green streams are in a constant downward motion. Otherwise, it'll look like they're jumping up and down. This can be achieved by making all the streams come in full contact with the top and bottom of the picture. Unless there was a specific reason you didn't do that. =P Haseo- I like that one too! =D Although, the boarder shine lines are a little glaring. Try putting a white rectangle outline on top of the picture (on a seperate layer), selecting half of the picture (corner to corner, not vertically) with the lass
  9. Question: This is a rather n00bish question, but how do I initialize the align object effect? >_> Is it a plugin? Because I can't find it, and I've needed it several times now.
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