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  1. I found the problem :3 There was a program using up 98% of my CPU
  2. I'll see what that comes up with, thanks
  3. Ugh, Well I don't think it's just Paint.NET because MSN and FF have started doing it now :'(
  4. I normally just have Firefox and MSN running.
  5. OS: Vista RAM: 1GB (Well 1022MB, 2 Megs under :3) Processor: Intel Pentium Dual CPU T2410 @ 1.46GHz 1.47GHz I have tried re-installing, but it didn't work, I am going to try un-installing then installing.
  6. I know it works on my laptop because it was working fine but it's randomly started playing up when I haven't installed any new plug-ins and what not. Sorry, should of mentioned that in the first post!
  7. Paint.NET keeps freezing, it works fine for a couple of seconds then for another second it freezes, this is a continuous cycle until I close the program.
  8. [45] Computer Graphics [40] Film [70] Music [40] Performance Arts [30] Traditional Painting [55] Traditional Drawing [10] Writing
  9. I searched the folder but there was so many files I couldn't find it Thanks and sorry!
  10. Which file should I look in in the source code to look at the RGB to HSV conversion and vica versa? I've been look but cannot find it, thanks!
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