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  1. I was wondering, does CodeLab support Classes and Interface structs? For example, if I write something in Visual Studio, and then import it into CodeLab, will it function?
  2. Blur, or reduce the number of white sections that resemble the shining of light.
  3. What you have now is very nice. As Expiration stated you do need shadows and the hightlights are to bright. Experiment with the blurs to see what looks good.
  4. The second one is very nice. How did you make it?
  5. Your grass could be made more realistic by using different shades of green and having no white outline. the different shades of green should show the different grass blades. For the axe blade, try using Ash's really easy 3D metal/chrome effect tut EDIT: Here's an example: wow that's nice! I like that grass, and the Axe Blade is very nice. Well Done! I can't wait to see what your final product will look like.
  6. I don't like the grass, looks too unrealistic. I suggest you try the Grass Turutorial. The wood texture on the stump is no good either. I suggest using a surface blur of 1 to 2 pixels (or whatever looks good) in order to make the noise less visble. Trying creating the wood texture using the polar to rect method. (I may post an example tomorrow.) Here is a quick example of a stump and some grass: In order to make this Use the bucket tool and add the colour you want, then use noise and add a motion blur at 90 degrees, followed by a polar to rect. This will create this effect. I suggest using
  7. My try is somewhat blurry, but I did not do drop shadows. Is it possible to sharpen it? Yes, use the sharpen effect and I was saying that Ash's try was probably made using drop shadows. How? Edit: Here is another try:
  8. Thanks Ash. How did you do it? Here's my try: Drop Shadows I'll bet. My try is somewhat blurry, but I did not do drop shadows. Is it possible to sharpen it?
  9. Kaiden I like it, I like the colours and the layout. Only suggestion is fix the border by making it a solid colour. I need to know how to make the blood cells transparent (like Jello) and get that curve in the middle. Plus I also need some more suggestions on how to make it better.
  10. Chai is much Russian. I am happy about somone mentioning a Russian word!
  11. Myrddin, I duly agree with you. I type as I was taught to write and am ashamed of any grammatical errors commited in the past, present, or future.
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