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  1. Broly Ss10 is also my name. I generally use it on Club Penguin forums. IceyBlau is normal forum names, as you see I'm partly German.
  2. NOTE: Some of these are for different forums, so don't wonder why they have different names. SIGNATURES 1: 2: 3: 4: CUT-OUTS FORUM NAVIGATION BARS: FEEL FREE FOR USE ON CLUB PENGUIN FORUMS 3D TEXT Thanks for looking, I'll add more soon.
  3. I'm stuck with the tail. Help, please! @Ashifur: For a starter, yes.
  4. Okay, I'd be glad to help out, but I don't understand all that messy writing the Dutch people have. :?
  5. I don't have WinZip, I just deleted it and extract them folder-wise.
  6. Welcome to the forums, kanaryd. Anyway, this is a good question, but it's not supposed to be in tutorials. Please ask it in the General forum next time, please. Thank you!
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