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    I collect movies and Star Wars junk. I am an amateur horror actor. I love music and video games and picked up Paint.Net a few days ago and can't put it down.

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  1. Thanks Ash. I just watched the video on youtube and your link was very helpful. Thanks again.
  2. I have read the tut on how to make a flag wave but it hasn't helped me to, say, place words on a rocky mountain side that seem to fit the contours of the rock face. Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated. Please don't send me the link to the flag waving tut because it doesn't show you how to do things like that. Thank you.
  3. Oh snap! The HELP!!! thing. Sorry. My apologies. It will never happen again.
  4. It is true that I have been a member for a few months and I know the rules. I have been to this tut many times and can easily make flags wave but it has been of little help to me when it comes to placing things like text onto sand or like when you put the text on a girls neck in a comment on another forum. I seem to end up with tiles and no color when I use the displacement. That is why I asked for help in the General Discussion. Sorry if it irks you but this is the only thing so far that I am having a difficult time with.
  5. I have tried searching in many different ways. I was looking for a tutorial on how to use displacement to make text or images appear to be contoured to another picture in a realistic fashion. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you. Be cool, I remain.... -Boom
  6. I am still fairly new to PDN. I, too, did every tutorial that looked interesting. I started making fire and lightning and the just started doing random things. I see how some peoples amazing work can be disheartening but, like all things, your skills will get better with practice. Be cool, I remain.... -Boom
  7. I was looking for a tut I had used before and forgot to book mark. It was about putting an image onto another image and making it blend well. I remember the example used was a coke a cola sticker put on a wall. I know it isn't exactly the greatest clue but I would appreciate very much if someone could link me to it. I have gone through the entire tut list a few times and can't find it. Thanx. Be cool, I remain.... -Boom
  8. Here is my first attempt. I know I messed up somewhere and am still refining my methods but I love the tut. Great job.
  9. This tut rocked. This is my first try at it. I see myself having a lot of fun with this one. Thanks.
  10. Good call. I used a pic of caked and cracking mud to shape the texture of the face. It was my first effort since I am still a noob at PDN but pretty much everything I work on is somewhat horror related. Thanks for the compliments. Be cool, I remain.... -Boom
  11. Sometimes the images I want to mess with are too small and when I make them larger the images become fuzzy and very unclear, naturally. I was wanting to know if there was a way to expand images with PDN and retain their original, or a good deal of, clarity. Thanks peoples. Be cool, I remain.... -Boom
  12. Thank you so much, again. Can you tell I am only like 3 days into this? lol I am at your service though. You, indeed, are the man. I am proud and lucky to be apart of this amazing forum. See you guys around the campfire. Be cool, I remain.... -Boom
  13. You are all a frickin' god send. The effects are all working. I thank you immensely. I have another question though. Sorry. I didn't see a folder in there for adding "Ghastly Panic" font. Where should I put it to make it work? The description I read before said place it in a "Fonts" folder but mine doesn't have one. Thank you so much, again. Now I can, at least, randomly pollute peoples lives with my terrible artwork. lol
  14. As far as I know the files are unblocked. Like I said before. I have downloaded the "Dents" and "WaterReflection" plugin also and they are working just fine. Here is the screen shot of the "Effects" folder.
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