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  1. Hey. I thought I would start a topic about a little con about PDN. The Text. I hope Rick Brewster reads this, cause when using a font like Bleeding Cowboys, some of the hang offs get cut out of the image. Just see what I mean. Get a font that has large pieces coming off of the letters and use it in PDN. The little drips and swirls and stuff get cut off. Any chance someone could make some code to correct this? Best of luck, MK
  2. Hello. I have been trying to achieve a popular effect, and need help creating a paint.net version. The dot gradient looks like: Ideas, tips, and plugins would be helpful.
  3. Whoa! Lot more 13 year olds than I expected.
  4. Thanks! I'm surprised at the feedback I'm getting, since I'm only 13.
  5. Thanks for all the positive feedback!
  6. Here is my gallery. 5 Gum Box Ad Some Random Stuff Atomic Energy Thats all right now! P.S. Any ideas would be helpful. Just PM me. When I post the piece, I will give credit.
  7. I love this! probably my fav tut besides those of Expire. Here is my go at it with some add ons:
  8. nice job! but you need to host images off the forum (ie. photobucket ot tiny pic) or else a mod will remove it Fixed. And you for got DeviantArt. It works too.
  9. Yes, somewhat off topic, but to Myddrin, thank you very much! This is the most beautiful font I've ever seen.
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