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  1. [qoute](not that I think suicide should be illegal). why would that be illegal? I aint for it but even if it was, it wouldn't matter to that person because s/he would already be dead
  2. Exactly! that law don't say you must have all of the requirements to purchase this, its also a self defense thing also
  3. here's something I did ( its the ffxiii character ) I hand drew it first and you know the rest
  4. cool. I edited this so I hope it looks better! (I know there are still blue spots I'll get them later) here is another thing I did, WITHER!!!! It was origionally hand drawn
  5. [45] A&W [40] Arby's [30] Burger King [00] KFC (DEAD) [55] Panda Express [65] Pizza Hut [65] Subway [40] Taco Bell [50] Wendy's
  6. All that I know to do is that the first layer should be the beginning and keep the layers going and the last layer should be the end frame. EDIT: I just made a tut
  7. could some one somehow make a plugin that takes pictures that you draw and darken the lines? if not could someone make a tut on how to do it if its possible?
  8. A bit of blue would make that look better! Also your the fact thing in your sig doesnt make sense.... because 97% and then 4% adds up to 101%??? huh? thanks! I saw it on someone elses thing, put it on and never caught that! lol
  9. thanks but i already found out a lil if you havn't seen my tuts
  10. can you add a thing somehow that is like on the bulge where you choose where its location is?
  11. here's something I did to my friend with that plugin request I suggested (curve line) I added the beard and gave him wrinkles
  12. it could make some pretty cool hair. It's like a photoshop custom brush that you can use to make hair
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