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  1. i love this plug-in... ive had it for a long time now... this is just about the only plug-in that i always use when paint.net-ing... lol... not even sure if paint.net-ing is a word... if it wasn't it is now!
  2. hey, i personally find it difficult sometimes to work with the round eraser that paint.net has. I think it would be a good idea to have a drop down menu on the toolbar to change the shape of the eraser to round, like it is now, square and maybe a few other shapes.
  3. hey, can someone please make a tutorial for MKT's 3D shape plugin... i really like it but i dont know how to make cool stuff with it... a little help please... also, if you do make one, please post the link to it on a reply to this topic... thx!
  4. this tutorial is freakin awesome man!
  5. i dont know how to make plug-ins and even if i did, they would all suck... so i have a request, can someone who knows how to make plug-ins please make a plug-in that creates a lens glare effect... PLEASE!!! i think it would be really cool...
  6. the only thing i dont like about this is the big 'Donate!' button on the dialog box when you open it up... the effect is awesome though, great job!
  7. it could use a bit of work... i think this one will be great once you make all the necessary tweaks to it
  8. pretty cool... a glass orb was the very first thing i ever learned to do with paint.net way back when i first got it... when 2.5 was released... this will save me a bit of time now... thx!
  9. its rather difficult to use or at least get used to using but its a really cool effect, 2 thumbs up!
  10. out of the few plugins that are actually good, this is one of my favorites!
  11. i love the effect... the only thing i hate is the long box that pops up when you open it up... other than that its pretty cool... i have no real use for it right now but when the time comes i think ill be able to make some pretty cool pics with this effect...
  12. i think that the ability to create GIFs on Paint.Net without any other software would be nice... i could really use that...
  13. 5/10... kinda plain... i just decided to go with an extremely simple avatar... i think the fact its animated makes it a bit better...
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