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  1. Patience? (probably not so check them out here http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fu ... d=56582868) no
  2. or we could manipulate a dog! lol this for instance like change its color?
  3. my chemical romance- welcome to the black parade (Coolest song ever!!!!!!!!)
  4. lol nice dc, i havent seen you around in a while Just curious, is that your girlfriend? lol btw, wheres wither aka emo at? i want to make him a smiley face lol noooooooooo!
  5. well, we told Riku to stop eating so much junk food. She never listened. lol
  6. Alright! first again! ( I gotta start waiting. lol hope you like! ) here is the stock I used (only for the hair)
  7. oh! my bad, I didn't really understand what you meant, my bad(again)
  8. you can't do animations on this except if you are making a cursor. However, you can get unfreez and you can make animated photos. The pictures have to be in gif. format first though.
  9. I like the dragonlance series by Margerate Weis and Tracy Hickman. Very intersesting!
  10. Alright, so you know that on the splatter effect that when you go to use it, you see it on the effect menu. So what if you were able to make it to where you could put down colors anywhere on it like that but when you make other colors run into each other, they combine? Is that possible? (Is that clear also?)
  11. well umm... wow thats going to be hard... well lets see what other members say... I like it!
  12. the checker thing shows that nothing is there and to help out, paste the thing on a new layer
  13. and we wouldn't have anyguns to fight a war with
  14. think of it this way, criminals break the law, so what makes you think that they would not break the law to get a gun?
  15. prove it because all you are giving us a whole bunch of butt holes (opinions)
  16. I think that we should leave it like this, opinions are like buttholes, everyone's got 'em
  17. actually it would be an increase because people would kill for firearms and steal them also
  18. alright, you can have my gun......bullets first
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