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  1. does anyone want to know how I do the actual realistic skin texture not semi bloody potato stuff?
  2. alright, I've been doing the hair in layer so I can keep it more realistic and not crappy looking
  3. I just made an even better realistic skin and its all 100% pdn! here it is!
  4. so here's a skin tone thing I did that I made for a tut but apparently its not good enough except for this pictorium. please someone tell me why this got locked set the canvas to 400x300 and take out all the white fil in a small area with a basic skin tone. In my case I used EDAA93 duplicate it and set color balance to r 35 use frosted glass useing the origional, crop around the rectangle and get rid of all the extra fuzz duplicate the origional again use color balance on the newly duplicated layer now do frosted glass again again get rid of all the extra fuzz now change the opacity (or however its spelled) on both duplicated layers to 156 MERGE don't flatten your ending result should be like this ZOOM OUT ZOOM IN ENJOY!! also note if you use the shape 3d with it, set the rgb lighting to r 255 g 180 b 162 should look like this
  5. it would be very neat if you could take the colors of something you have say, red, tan and yellow, and move around how they blend. If anyone could or if thats possible, that would be fantastic!
  6. whoa! thats awesome and yes I would like that pdf. thanks!
  7. k, so I just did this and, by some what request of oma, I'm smiling. its me
  8. it got a little weird and I promise I look much better than that though. lol. I havn't even thought of using curves in any of them. I'll keep that in mind next time
  9. alright, so this one isn't as great but still 100% pdn hope I did better on the hair
  10. sorry :oops: what I mean is like, turn it into somthink like what the motion blur does where you can angle it and things like that. kind of hard to explain
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