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  1. think you could make something like this?(along with an amount change thing?)
  2. actually, i tried that this morning and it kept doing the same thing
  3. [50] Antibiotics [30] Computer [50] Electrical Generation [60] Light Bulb [30] Printing Press [15] Refrigerator
  4. Well, I have no idea what it'll be like, but in a matter of about 10 years, we went from sega to ps3/xbox 360 so I'm thinking that maybe we'll be able to make animations with it (also maybe slow computers with it that high)
  5. I basically dumped that other project and changed to this. how's it look so far?
  6. CLEAR SKY alright take out all the white and cover a small square with the square cropping tool,make a new layer and on layer one, take color 477CCA and fill it, then, then on the second layer take color 5186CF and fill it, use frosted glass and set it to maximum 81.31 minimum 81.31 smoothness 8 merge it down one and stretch it to cover the canvas now make a new layer and set it to the bottom and use clouds and set to whatever looks right to you. on the top layer, set opacity to 176 as normal should look ok
  7. lol I'm working on a picture of yuna now I like doing these game characters
  8. I decided it wasn't done. so here's the new one I belive is finished
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