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  1. Haha thanks that is good enough. I plan on working on it more today and making it nicer and more realistic with some wrinkles in it and some grass stains haha
  2. Haha I'm a noob at mapping. I work with Blender 3d, as some of you may know, and decided to finally try UV mapping for the first time. Well check it out, this is what I got after 2 or 3 hours (testing, running, checking). Note: UV texturing is very hard! I practically just used the paint brush for all of this haha. Check it out! Also give comments of what you think I might make a youtube video of my game or something I want to make. Here it is: Resolution 3000x3000 (due to wanting medium-quality texture) and about 520kb in size http://img94.imageshack.us/i/characterpongo.jpg/ The game I want to make is going to be a dude who just goes around and kills zombies, because thats just awesome! Need to write up a bit of a story line though. If you want to follow up on my on youtube, here is my account http://www.youtube.com/user/ArmyTank00 I plan on making new videos, but cam studio is being a bugger to me, haha it will run slow as a turtle full screen (about 0.78 fps or so) I will reduce the size haha.
  3. Haha thanks! I love it . If you use it please just give credit, don't say I made this say Electroman made it
  4. Oh yes I know there is, just there are so many plugins for paint.net, it is crazy. I just want to find the good ones that are useful to me, I want to start making textures. I forgot to mention that XD. Thanks, by the way!
  5. Hey everyone, I am looking for some nice plugins for paint.net, like new brushes, making the photo look better, and cool features. If you could tell me about some, and post a link, that would be cool. Thanks!
  6. Oh please, paint.net completly demolishes gimp! Paint.net over rules photoshop, too, because of all the plugin possibilities, and ease of use! I love paint.net and wouldn't use any other program! Photoshop is ridiculous, too, with it's $600 price tag. Oh and you can download it for "free" while getting a trojan that doesn't "harm" your computer Rock on paint.net, you guys rock! 8)
  7. While playing around with paint.net and trying to create my background, I discovered a optical illusion on accident! It is like black and white grass, and appears to move up and down! It is wicked! Here you guys go! It also appears to be breathing, and no im not on drugs! (file size is like 876kb in size, so be patient) Here is link: http://img195.imageshack.us/img195/2545/opticalillusionifound.jpg or here <way too large - 800px maximum dimension (EER)>
  8. This is very nice, thank you for this. Just created a rockin' picture with the tools you uploaded, thank you! Made this picture in under 5 minutes:
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