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  1. I like it...simplistic..but i like stuff with at least a bit of color, 7.762345436798874362/10 ~Sammy
  2. You have 23......truckloads of elephant poop on your hands. No gas, no drivers, and they charge you all your money for it. I wish I could get a new motherboard. ~EvilKitty
  3. Id have to say, since its changed halfway through my typing, that its Wildfire-Sonata Arctica, I was listening to The Boy Who Wanted to Be A Real Puppet *squee.* I love both those songs. ~Neko-dono (gross overstepping of title for fun ^^)
  4. You see them, but a terrorist strikes during the middle of it. The whole band is killed, along with the rest of thier fans and you're the only one left. The FBI question you and lock you away for the rest of your natural life. I wish that I had better computer speakers. ~Sammy
  5. Nupe but good idea. Its not glass, its naturally occuring in the world. ~Sammy
  6. Granted. They snap in, but they snap too hard! Your model breaks and your time with it is ruined. I wish. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I wish. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . *Goes on for a little bit like in MP and gets smacked with something.* owies..*Wimper.* I wish my cello stayed turned to all the right notes ^^ ~Sammy
  7. its nothing, heard it on StormNexus What has no contents yet is visible ot the eye? ~Sammy
  8. Every Leutenant Don't Initate Avaritious *Beeps* Low in October TUNER ~Sammy
  9. You become spider-man, but not the one we know. You become the size of a gerden spider, and you can't bite anything. Your webs don't hold out to the weakest winds and can barely support you. You get squished a half hour later by one of the women closest to you. (I.E. GF, wife, mother, sister, whatever) I wish that I could get a complete understanding of the Japanese language. ~Sammy-chan
  10. True, heck yes. Yummy. TPBM uses Metacafe. ~Sammy
  11. You turn into a llama. You now get shipped to the zoo and live there forever, never getting to touch PDN while the dominant male llama makes you his (not said word for a female dog). ^^ hehe I wish that I could cheer people up instantly. ~Sammy
  12. Granted. You are now a famous driver and tour all over the world teaching classes. You no longer have time to use your comp, much less hang here with all your PDN buddies. You get people challenging your driving ability all hte time nad end up dying in a wreck. I wish that I could change people's minds to my will. ~Sammy
  13. True but im not gonna hand it over unless you can pay me for the worth. I don't give stuff away for free..usually ^_- (PM meh) TPBM has RP'ed(role-played) or acted a character before. ~Sammy
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