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  1. ok, so hi. i was wondering if it's possible to color pictures the way shown in the below icons in paint.net...?? like the warm-ish kinda coloring? i tried playing with curves and the hue and saturation, but is there a better way or something else? any help is much appreciated. credit for all of these icons goes to britney_fans at livejournal.com
  2. i'm kinda confused. after i add a new layer what do i draw the circle with and where is the feather thingie?
  3. these are all SO awesome. i have a question. whats the feather effect? can someone tell me and show me how to it to it?
  4. haha. yes i really really like britney but my name is Jaclynn so you can call me that. hehe.
  5. thank you SOOOO much. how do i cut edges?
  6. sorry to be bothering but as you can see in this is there is a scrappy lines and stuff all over and all that. how can i get it ? please i really need it.
  7. Well how can I get it to be somewhat like that size just not tall and big? and the link says the page is not found. Thanks.
  8. hi can someone resize this for me? http://www.britneyalbum.com/details.php?image_id=7295 to make it be this size? Thanks so much! can I have it ASAP please!!!!!!!
  9. What do you use it for? Like can you put it in a sig?
  10. ^^ your a britney fan? I am a hard core fan of her's. I wish I cna have a great sig of her.
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