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  1. This is a forum game that has been handed down from one forum to another, and I am now bringing it here! The game is simple. I post up a picture of a random object (E.g. bread) And the next person posts a pic of something that could beat the last pic (E.g. time/age) Because bread molds when it ages, and so on the next person posts something that can beat time. The best way to show that you beat them is in an y > x format. In this case, it would have been time > bread I'll start: Ferrari > nothing
  2. I created all of my avatars with this. My latest one (I'm a member of the Gran Turismo Planet Forums): I attempted to recolor a Civil War photo (to see if there was any grass): I made picket signs yesterday for no reason: I create race tracks (tell me what you think about it):
  3. A couple of days ago, I was flipping an image, when it crashed. I tried it again yesterday, and it flipped, but didn't crash. Today, I spent 5 hours on a png without saving. I put it to flip 180 degrees, and crashed. My solution: Use MSPaint to flip images.
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