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  1. Oops. I meant to move the "NET" part over one. I guess I'll get to that tomorrow (I;m trying to get win2k running on my Mac right now).
  2. I downloaded a font called "endless showroom" (accidentally), Made some 8s in red (opacity down to about 40), the most saturated green for the main lettering, and aligned the letters up to the 8s (the creator of the font messed up by not having fixed position). But I think you just needed to know about the "endless showroom" font to understand I think I'm going to make a tut out of this. Here is another one. I was going to outfit it with buttons, a stand, and a catchy name for it, but I figured that a slogan and a beta light [and a brushed metal gradient background, a gradient border, a black to dark blue gradient display, and a better centered, less cluttering look] would do enough So witch do you like better? The first or second? Criticism welcome! I will repeat: @barkbark00: The logo above and the one here are my only official entries.
  3. Why do you have both AIM 5.9 and AIM 6.0 on your desktop? **HINT** If you put the screen resolution to its max, the screen will look and feel bigger! After about 2 days, you'll get used to it. Then when you go on someone else's computer, it will look all bulgy.
  4. Another one to add to my pathetic stack of logos (but I like this one): @barkbark00: Take only the logo above and the one here are my official entries.
  5. I'm making a new sig (because everyone else is). **HINT** It will be "digital" EDIT: I'm doing the finishing touches. I tried it out as an animated gif, but its messed up, so I'm going to make it an animated jpg (yes, you can make them!) Never mind. It evolves Java. EDIT 2: Now it looks too big:
  6. Do you mind if I modify your logo CMD? Actually, I may just do stuff to it and never post it for anything
  7. I guess its time to get new fonts (I only have tengwar, witch I used for my avatar).
  8. Its only 2.9296875 Gigabytes. And I have over 140 after my Mac tune-ups EDIT: It is compressed, so it would be about less than 2.5 (Macs are the masters of compressed files).
  9. OOOOHHHH. AHHHHH. SOOOO. SMOOTH. :shock: @ BuzzKill: Looks good, but Rated E :?: Now you got my to try one of my own! EDIT: and were did you get such a big logo?
  10. I know, but XP would take up too much space and it would go a lot slower. Day 5: I am now setting up win2k!!!! **PAT ON THE BACK** The computer is still slow as heck, but faster than the impostor and manageable. I have just set up the language (well not really, because English is the default language). Keyboard is now set up. User and Organization is now filled out as "John Doe" and "a BIG one" **PROBLEM** My serial code doesn't work. Current status: [screenshot coming soon...]
  11. I didn't really think this was worthy for the General Discussion area, so I posted it in the Overflow. Maybe later, It will become a tutorial Day one: I search for a fast and most of all free emulator. I found Q [kju]. Q is an early stage emulator for Mac. It supports XP, 2k, 99, 95, Linux, and anything else you can throw at it. **DOWNLOADED** Now, hoping to get right on windows, I realize that there is no hope for that. I look at their forum for help. None. I decided to download one of the non-windows wannabes that only take 20MB. **DOWNLOADED** I "turn on the PC", and find that it stinks. Slow. Very. Very. Very. Slow. **COMMAND+DELETE** Day two [actually about a week later]: Back on the search, I decided that I want to get win2k instead of XP, due to the slow performance on the other one. I found a [legal] website with installation disk images for win2k (at bootdisk.com). **DOWNLOADED four floppy images** Started Q up Made a new PC with roughly 3000MB of space that is supposed to run win2k. I set it to boot from a floppy disk image. I saw the blue screen I was hoping for. I'm installing win2k.... "Insert floppy disk one"... "Insert floppy disk two"... "Insert floppy disk three"... "Insert floppy disk four"... "*Loading Windows 2000 Professional*"... "To install Windows 2000 now, hit ENTER"... "Please insert the CD-ROM labled 'Windows 2000 Professional Setup CD-ROM' in drive 'B' and hit ENTER" ... ... **PROBLEM** I don't have a CD image. Day 3: BLANK BLANK BLANK BEEP BEEP BEEP[half illegal stuff] Day 4: Turn Q on again. Turn on my "third attempt" PC "Windows 2000 Professional Setup" **30 minutes later** "Please wait while Setup copies files to the Windows 2000 Installation folder. This may take several minutes to complete." Current status: Wow. Colors on Macs are different from Windows.
  12. If you had an avatar and/or sig, it would help a lot. Yet it is more likely for someone over the age of 30 to be more sophisticated and ignore the option of the cluttering avatar/sig (or your an 8 year old that doesn't know how to do any of that, but that is unlikely). 40? EDIT: Hey! You took my space! 14?
  13. Yeah, its funny. I drove the two cars in the background in my game GTR2. If I where to choose one of them to own, it would be the Porsche. It handles so much better. Less tire wear. More fuel economic. To tell you the truth, Vipers stink.
  14. I can tell that's a Photoshop. This effect (the warping of the p, a, and even the puddle) can be recreated quite easily using the Warp.cs which is packaged with the CodeLab plugin. In fact, I wouldn't be so hesitant to bet that's exactly how GreenNova achieved that effect. Just another one of the many advantages to PDN.
  15. (Since it matches with the subject) I think we should buy the domain name from the owners of http://paint.net. at least have a download link there. I was just waiting for a good time to post the suggestion.
  16. How about "Hell's ice age"? asdfghjkl;? Looks like a piece of metal magnified a couple thousand times.
  17. The example looks like the lizard woman from hell.
  18. Green screen? How about magic wand? **HINT** Hold shift while clicking to select all of the came color area. Oh well. Problem already solved.
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