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  1. Good job barkbark00. That is really cool looking and realistic.
  2. Blur is the Gaussian blur tool, unless you mean a brush that blurs, and there is a tutorial for contracting a selection here... http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=1557 Burn and Dodge are Layers options, just double click on the layer. It is under blending modes.
  3. The outline tool wrks somewhat for larger text and the drapshadow does shadow, but they're not perfect... You probably get better results doing it yourself.
  4. I've had the same problem with other types of files. A reboot usually does the trick. Do Ctrl-Alt-Del and go to proccesses. If there is one called PaintDotNet.exe and you closed PDN, It means it is still in the processor and ram. A reboot fixes the problem or you can click end process but that could be risky(end the wrong process and your computer would stop running(not permanently)).
  5. Mine wasn't worth posting, but I felt like letting people critisize.
  6. Yeah. Thats pretty good. Make the top white alittle.(liek the pic)
  7. My best shot.... Not very good, but then I didn't think of using clouds Plugin. Good idea.
  8. Thats a hard one. I got an image that looked a little. I'm basically making noise at high saturation and then doing oilpainting at 5 brush size. I make two layers with different noise that way and then tint one medium dark orange and the other black and white. I ran a glow. I'll check some more and give a better description.
  9. Here's my hack at it. I looked at a vista logo for reference, but the whole image was self made by hand. Thanks for the idea CMD(orb tut). The hardest part was getting the colors right.
  10. I tried recreating the effect, but it didn't work. I'll see....
  11. Thats the fun part about PDN, you have to do it yourself. Doing it also helps you understand what the effect does so you can apply it in a different way. There has been a suggestion for a macro feature though so we'll see...
  12. Change the range to a high number(30-50) and it will get close.
  13. Here is the valley one. I just duplicated the mountain layer a couple times: I hate credit cards but I thought this looked cool.
  14. Thanks. I did a feather on both. The edges become transparent when I do feather and you can see behind it. I'll try that though.
  15. maybe it should use triple buffering.... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triple_buffering
  16. Here is my try. It looks like a Supernova.
  17. If you look closely at the image, the gray quiality reduces when the orange appears.
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