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  1. Thanks Crazy Man Dan. I wasnt sure how to explain it better. those pictures pretty much show what it is though.
  2. I expected that, but it doesn't hurt to ask I guess.
  3. Hi I was wondering if it is possible for a plugin to do Liquifying. basically, this is a feature in phtoshop that my friend showed me that allows you to like stretch different parts of images and make some crazy designs, in real time. Is this possible in Paint .NET? Its a feature I've wondered about for a while. Since I use paint .Net for Signatures, Avatars / Display pics, this would be amazing for me.
  4. Off topic: Ohhh... Vista shots. Off Topic 2: Can't wait to upgrade to Vista. On Topic: Yay. I have been waiting for this for a while now. Glad to see it is finally here. Of course, another great job.
  5. You're right. It does work better with oil painting at first. It would be cool if you could incorporate it right into this, so both things happen at once.
  6. That could work! It doesnt suck - it just isnt the OMG THIS IS TOTALLY AWSOME!! I wish.
  7. Hmm.. not a fan of this. It does give out a unique look, but you cant really customize it. it just lightens your picture a lot. I dont find it is very pastelly or watercoloury. I mean, the effect it gives is ok, but the name suggests something else.
  8. A few requests. One of these are for Paint .Net 3.0, but I will just put it here with a star: -Clear entire pallet:* I am making MANY pallets. They are VERY useful. however, i need to constantly clear my pallets. however, i need to click X, then the colour, then repeat. Why cant I just clear the entire thing? OR Click, drag the mouse, and un click. The area selected would be cleared. I suppose I could clear a pallet, save it as Blank, and go on from there, but it would be much easier to have a mass clear, or delete all function. -Layer drag and drop: name says it all. To move a layer, you need to press Up or down as many spots as you need to. However, wouldnt it be easier if you could click a layer, and then drag and drop it in the place you want? The next feature is not a big deal, and it inst really necessary - it is more for 2.7.2, not 3.0, but anyways: The tolerance bar at times is a bit frustrating to get the exact number (More in 2.7.2 than in 3.0). So my suggestion is to let us imput the number beside the bar. (Not get rid of the bar, just add the option to type the number) Thats about it. if I think of more, Ill add it.
  9. well, the tool option needs to be empty because when you click on a tool, the bar expands. If you move it up a bar, when it expands, it would take away from the MDI space. So while it IS a good idea for the tool bar to be moved, I don't think it would work. However, being able to customize in general IS a good idea.
  10. oh, I like # 2. I use the magic wand a lot, and so it would be a very useful feature. #1 is also good. i haven't used Photo shop a lot, but the gradient feature has not been implemented well there. The way you have it sounds MUCH better.
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