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  1. I tested it and compared on my 2 GTX 465's, I far exceeded the 3000% for the Gaussian Blur, and the Radial Blur was in the 100000% range, check that progress bar for the non GPU version: http://www.screentoaster.com/watch/stUE5WREZIRFtXQ1pdWF5YUVNV/paint_net_gpu_blurs_x2_gtx465
  2. Finally, school is over and I can experiment with PDN(and get an av and sig). Anyways, splintered Hex...
  3. I vote........ Pocket PC. The hx2945b from HP about covers it all.
  4. AVG, fast, efficient, easy to use, and free. you can even set the scan so it uses little resources.
  5. Wine would crash and Linux would keep on runnin. WINE emulates so valuble stuff would be kept safe and because drive C is a folder and most of linux important stuff is locked to all control outside root, your computer is safe. If a process gets started that you don't like, ctrl + alt + F1-F6 will open a console where you can type top(table of processes) and kill without hesitation the troublesome process.
  6. Hefty© Ultra Paint HEFTY HEFTY HEFTY GIMP wimpy wimpy wimpy For all your picture needs get the strong Hefty© Ultra Paint.
  7. That's why Linux is better. plus depending on the distro, you can get in excess of 5000 free programs ready to install, it only requires and internet conection. Software is much more secure, security updates come out more often than windows, and It rarely crashes and most of the time a few days later the crash will be gone. Linux fixes it self. It also renders 3D better, here are the statistics on Planet Pengiun Racer: Both same Computer seperate hardrives. Windows XP with Nvidia: 640x480 32bit 12-15fps Debian Linux with Nvidia: 1280x1024 32bit 30-35fps You don't have to know much about computers to know that there is a large difference. I don't know but that game ran muh smoother in linux. I can do a lot of 3D in Linux that I can't in windos. I think it is the xgl that helps a lot.
  8. I agree. My dad has integrated graphics and the rendering is almost instant. It doesn't have a lot to do, no ray tracing, mipmapping, complicated stuff like that. maybe antialiasing but that is on quite a few plugins and slows them down also.
  9. Linux, I use Debian. 18722 packages of free software (around 10000 programs), I use Beryl for mac and vista interface (whichever I want or I can comeup with my own.) I dual boot with Windows XP. Linux has a better 3D rendering engine than Windows(xgl,aiglx,nvidiadriver). It works much smoother than windows and can recover from a crashor other similar event better than windows. I played planet penguin racer on bothand here was the results: Windows XP with Nvidia driver: 640x480 32bit 15 fps Debian Linux with Nvidia driver: 1280x1024 32bit 30fps Big difference. I just like Linux all around, and you can't beat this, IT IS FREE!
  10. I use my pocket pc, covers everything besides music and plays it and videos too. plus it plays call of duty 2. I stick to what I have. I don't discredit either one. each has thier good side and thier bad side but it is all a matter of choice and preference.
  11. The original and the expansion pack was the best. The second is slightly confusing.
  12. This is for all things Lemmings(Video Game). For those of you who don't know what it is, the Wiki is here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lemmings_%28video_game%29 The website with the games(abandonware) is here: http://it.travisbsd.org/lemmings/ Lemmings will work in Command Line; Tribes will work in dosbox; Not sure about Chronicles; Never been able to get Oh No More working; How many have played this unique game?
  13. They both are pretty buggy. Sorry for the Topic change, back to the iPhone.
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