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  1. I like the subdued colors on his right hand better, but I miss the vibrance of the other colors. Still very nice! I had been thinking of doing a Jack Skellington but now I have a different idea. I'll just have to see if I can pull it off...
  2. I think that Paint.NET is the only reason I even stick with Windows instead of Ubuntu (since Gimp sucks so bad). In fact, because of Paint.NET is the only reason I'm even thinking of upgrading (from XP on my laptop and Vista on my main desktop). Every other program I run regularly has a Linux analog. Only Linux or 7 will fully exploit my hardware -- although my laptop will be incapable of running Aero. I wonder if corporations will give a pass to 7 like they did with Vista or what. I guess that XP is getting a bit long in the tooth. Heh -- I swore I'd never upgrade to XP and then I did when I bought a laptop with XP on it (after Vista came out) and then I swore I'd never get Vista until my last desktop came with it.
  3. I like the second one, with color. It's electric! It's vibrant! It's radiant!
  4. Looks very spooky/Halloweenish. Ghostly even.
  5. That reminds me of a phoenix, kinda.
  6. PNG format supports partial transparency. Unfortunately older versions of Internet Explorer do not display PNG transparency correctly. If that's not a big issue, then I would definitely go with PNG.
  7. Madjik, that last one is nice. It would make a good entry in the Unofficial Logo Contest.
  8. I've got more of the comic characters...But you have to read the comic to know who is who. And thanks!
  9. Where do you get this from? Well companies like Microsoft do that type of thing (Vista RC1 and stuff). True, but the source code to Vista is not readily available.Plus from what I understand this is Rick's project, not Microsoft's. Anyway, that's neither here nor there. Paint.NET is an awesome tool.
  10. It's not coming through for me at all. I don't see an avatar for jerkfight. I see a placeholder as it tries to load and then it blanks out.
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