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  1. Paint.NET rules!!! Here's why: (I added the rain and the moon thing on this!!!) (This was made for a Photoshop Conversion!!!) So, there you go!!! Enjoy!!! Zacariem!!! EDIT: I've just updated this post, so feel free to take another look and PM me about anything!
  2. Can you make animated GIF files in Paint.NET? Zacariem
  3. thanks gladi8or2!!! btw the zoom thing worked I'm just a little...slow! Lol! Zacariem
  4. There we go! A litle easy to read (and I added a speed boat for...well...for fun) What do you think of my avatar? Lol! Zacariem
  5. thanks! btw wot do you think of the banner? Zacariem
  6. thanks for that but it stil doesnt work. Btw how do you get a picture on your signiture? Zacariem
  7. Hi all!!! I've just made a realistic water picture and I'm happy with it and everything, but I'd like to make it look more 3D. Is there a way to 'tilt' the image backwards to make it look like the 'ground' of the picture. This could be done by moving only the top 2 corners of the picture, but I don't know how!!! Thanks a lot Zacariem
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