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  1. You could simply save the file before proseeding with editing it, or click on the duplicate tab in the Layers window. Zacariem
  2. yea I know what you mean but couldn't Paint.NET temporelaly save itself, restart, load the save file and delete it all in one click, or is that to complicated (I'm not the pest programer lol! ) Zacariem
  3. Hi all! I've just been using Paint.NET to design my new website and I needed some new fonts. I went to Dafonts.com and downloaded what I needed. I then put the file in C:\Windows...etc... But then I rememberd that you have to restart Paint.NET for the fonts to be accesable. I had to save my file, close Paint.NET and open it agin. Wouldn't it be easyer to have a refresh tool that installs the new fonts/pluggins without clearing your work? It's just a small change but I think it would make a big difference... Thanks for listning Zacariem
  4. Hey sorry if it's late but I just made this can I enter it insdead of my other entry??? Again sorry about the short notice. Zacariem 8)
  5. yea I know but I went out for a bit and left my PC on
  6. Welcome to the forums! To answer your first question... Open up Paint.NET. There should be a drop down menu in the top left of the screen next to 'Fill Style'. That needs to be set to 'Solid Brush': This should solve your second problem too. As for your third, just hit Ctrl+Z to undo any mistakes you make with the line tool. I hope that helped! Zacariem 8) EDIT: Trickman why did you post when I had finished typing and poped out for a spot of lunch :evil: !!! Lol!
  7. I think this is what you want: http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=1102 Zacariem
  8. lol btw I made these cursors with the plugin: It's not a complete set, but I'm getting there! Downloadable here: http://www.geocities.com/zacariem/ZacariemCursorsBlack.zip Zacariem 8)
  9. It is mostly having a steady hand, but I tend to make the edges using the line tool at about 20. That way you always get a smooth edge. Zacariem
  10. Woohoo! *Happy smile that last's for about a minute, than snaps back to reality with a paniced pale, draining the colour from an already colourless face* :? Zacariem
  11. Oh sorry! I must have downloaded it before and fergot :oops: Zacariem 8)
  12. Do you put the .dll C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\Effects because I have but the effect isn't appearing in the Effects List... EDIT: To answer my own question... Zacariem
  13. yea I know what you mean. I'm trying to make it look a little more 3D e.g. making the star curve round the 'sphear', and making the star go behind the 'sphear' too. Zacariem 8)
  14. The Conditional Hue/Saturation plugin is now already in the new beta version of PDN. (EDIT: The info above is completly wrong. Yep. Completly. Sorry. Please cast it out of your memory. Thank you!) Here's a quickie I did: Zacariem
  15. You could post it in a new tutorial and post a link to it here
  16. Just made each frame in Paint.NET and loaded them into Beneton Movie GIF
  17. I used Paint.NET to draw each individual image then imported them into Beneton Movie GIF. Yes, I'm a very patient person lol ! Zacariem 8)
  18. Hey all! Just wanting some feedback on my new animated avatar: What do you think? Zacariem 8)
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