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  1. Hi! I was using the elipse tool the other day and I noticed that if you draw a normal elipse at 2 pixles line width, it works fine, but if you draw an elipse with the 'Filled Shape With Outline' button selected, the outline is only 1 pixle line width. This makes elipses harder to do, because you keep having to change the pixle size: I hope this helps Zacariem
  2. Here's the updated logo: Zacariem 8) EDIT: Keep going to find the official entry (I think it's on page 2...)
  3. here's mine... I still have it in .pdn if you want me to make it transparent and smaller? Btw: The XS Stands for Xtreme Sports, because I wasn't sure what the title of your site was lol! But I could remove it if you think it's unnecisery. Zacariem EDIT: My official entry is lower down this forum.
  4. how do you import the fonts into Paint.NET? Zacariem
  5. Hi all! I drew, scanned and edited this image of-wait! Your ment to work that out! Anyway, I'm wanting to know how good it is, so I thourt I'd see if anyone can guess who it is: That got me thinking about making a sketching competition, so here it is! In this competition you must draw (using a tablet, scaner or just by mouse) a fictional character (preferebly well known; not the main character from the story you wrote when you where 6!) There will be a public poll to select the winner, so get drawing in 3... 2... 1... GO!!! Zacariem 8) PS: This competition was inspired by flohrian's Alphabet Competition!!!
  6. thanks! They where all drawn by hand and scaned lol! Zacariem
  7. Hi! I hope it's up to the amazing standards of other fonts I've seen in this contest!!! Zacariem 8)
  8. Here's some more stuff I've done lately: Original: My Version: Used for an Image Blending Tutorial: A bit random Lol! : Right is original, left is my shaded version: Used in this tutorial... My avatar and sig: I hope I have improved since last time!!! Zacariem 8)
  9. um...I know this plug in works but I don't understand how! For example I want to change leaves on a tree blue. How do I do that??? Zacariem!
  10. You should use Geocities.com, then use Dottk.tk
  11. OK! I've created a tutorial! Check it out: http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?p=7459#7459 Happy to help! Zacariem
  12. Hi I'm not to good on tutorials, but here's the finished image: And the original: I still have the original PDN file but I'm not sure how to upload it :oops: Zacariem!
  13. Oh that would be helpfull! Thanks a lot! Zacariem!
  14. hi garyn! Are you trying to overlay a pencil sketch onto a fabric sample? If so, once you've imported your sketch onto a new layer, use the 'Magic Wand', hold Shift and click on the white area (the area you want to delete). You may need to change the tolerance. Then go ahead and hit delete. Move your sketch into the write place by pressing 'm'. I hope it workd!!! Zacariem
  15. Here's the original!!!: I deleted the background and added the colours!!! Lol Zacariem
  16. Hi! I've been wondering about the select tool. I know you can select something using either the rectangle select tool, the elipse select tool and the lasso select tool. Would it be possible to select using a series of lines. For example to be able to form a triangle to select? I hope that all makes sence! Zacareim!!!
  17. I was out in New York last night and I managed to get a good photo of this guy!!! Zacariem
  18. Nice I like it!!! Check this out: Chaplins Back!!! I also selected the added colour layer and did a gaussion blur. Original image: Zacariem
  19. Hi I was just wondering if anyone new the colour code for human skin. I know theres a lot of different skih colours, I just need something general. Thanks! Zacariem!
  20. Great! Never thought of that! Im going to give it a try later today! Thanks Zacariem
  21. HA HA HA! You took me down pretty good and pretty fast too!!! Oh well, I'll just have to download it and hope nobody notices!!! Lol!!! Well, it was an interesting discusion! Zacariem PS: This discussion inspired the text for my sig lol!!!
  22. Hi My computers just been taken away at the moment to be fixed (something about the hard drive; way technicle!) I'm using a temperery computer at the moment, so I can't download anything on it. I'm a big Paint.NET user and (yes it's sad) I'm starting to miss it!!! Would it be posible to create an online version of Paint.NET? OK I know it's crazy and pretty mutch impossible but it could be usefull. Think Free did it!!! (http://www.thinkfree.com) Thanks (please don't egnor me! It could be done!) Zacariem!!!
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