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  1. oops didn't notice :oops: . Should have read before posting...
  2. Thats awsome! Can we have a tut please please please please (sorry I'm a little exited today!) Zacariem
  3. lol thanks every1 @ wontstoptalkinga 1) Hey don't call your self a noob, you've done some pretty cool stuff that I have used a lot. 2) Glad your proud tho lol ! Zacariem
  4. you could use the 'Print Screen' button on your keyboard at the point you want. Then paste it into Paint.NET.
  5. Yes clone stamp could probably do it: Clone Stamp.html EDIT: Here's something I did. It's not perfect, but it's getting there: Here's the .pdn as well: Invisible Woman.pdn Enjoy! Zacariem 8)
  6. I might say top one just to be different! Na current one! Zacariem
  7. yea I see what you mean. Like a little jagged 'Spike'. I'll sort it out when I can... Zacariem
  8. yeah I did the bikes and added some extra water 'spray'.
  9. Hmmmm. Quite anoying if your on IE (like I am now, I'm using a friends laptop). I might upload them to Photobucket later... Zacariem
  10. That would work, but it wouldn't be presise. Trickman's right with the 'select centre' thing, and maby a 'snap to centre' button... Zacariem
  11. yea I dunno why but if you refresh the page thy're OK :?: :?: :?: Zacariem
  12. I can't download any of them! I share my PC with the rest af my familie and I'm not an admin so a can't access the C Drive :evil: !!! But I'm hoping to be purchasing a laptop soon that will be ALL MINE! * Sighs with the thought * Zacariem
  13. Hey! I just designed a new sig & avatar for this, and other forums, and I'd love some feed back! Here they are: Here's the bigger image for the sig... So what do you think? Zacariem 8)
  14. Sounds good! Would be happy to help out. Zacariem 8)
  15. I think it's where the edges of your selection are made smooth. Am I right?
  16. @ Rubbery & jake2k Yeah I'll give that a go sometime @ Rick OK fair enough. A may post a tutorial when I get chance.
  17. Hi all! I've just recently remade the iTunes navigation bar from their website (at the top of the page) I havn't got round to making a tutorial yet, but I'll try and sort that out soon. Here it is: Top ones mine, bottom ones iTunes'. Also, here's the .pdn file: iTunes Bar.pdn Seriously, it's worth a look! Zacariem
  18. OK. Here's another I made: PS: sorry for triple posting! :oops: Zacariem 8)
  19. Just found this one on google image search: Lol Zacariem
  20. lol! that's pretty awsome! :shock: Zacariem 8)
  21. Hi all! I've been fasanated with the hole iPod crase lately, so I desided to post this topic! Here's my legoPod picture (get it? It's a lego man with an iPod? Yes?) Like it? That got me thinking on what other iPod stuff could be made! So, (you may call me sad if you wish) I made this... Copyright of http://www.c-swing.com Into this: I realy want to see what other ideas you guys have, so go make an iPod image, and post it here! Zacariem 8)
  22. That doesn't seem to make a difference, but I might be wrong. I'll keep investigating... Zacariem
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