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  1. Better? although i think the boarder isn't the best. Thought?
  2. i have :wink: that was just a comparision to the old one
  3. Is there anyway i can get new fonts for free.....legaly? if so how and where? Thanks (By the way sorry if this question has been asked and answered already)
  4. theres a thing in the effects bar thing uptop, it's called sharpen, try that
  5. yeah, the help window helped...a lot.. here's my best one so far
  6. sweet, k thanks(As in push F1 when it's open, correct?)
  7. I need help Majorly, i need help with EVERYTHING, all i got down was how to change the pixel size, and none of the Tutorials are any help. All i want to do is make sigs, someone HELP!!!! (Please) :shock:
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