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  1. The size can't be increased. There are several free magnifying glass apps available. Here is one: https://sourceforge.net/projects/magnifier/ Naming the layers also helps.
  2. Is the highlighted tool the one that you are using?
  3. Alpha Blur plugin. Or, make a frame on a new layer, blur it, use it as a mask applied with the Paste Alpha plugin.
  4. Align Object plugin works for me. Are the objects that you want to center on their own layer, surrounded by transparency?
  5. Open the font drop-down, press the first letter of the font's name.
  6. No. It is not possible to resize/move selected pixels on more than one layer at the same time. Only the active layer will be affected.
  7. Copy the image. Ctrl Shift C Paste into a new image. Ctrl Alt V Save the new image in whatever format you want.
  8. Copy the layer that has transparency. Ctrl C Make the background layer active and apply the Paste Alpha plugin effect.
  9. Go here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10?53fd98d9-d593-4fa0-846f-69aa08eed05c=True Click Update now. Once the .exe file downloads, run the .exe file. It takes a long, long time for the update to download. The download icon will likely disappear into the hidden part of the taskbar.
  10. First, on a New Layer, draw an outline of the painting that you want to replace. Then use Align Object to center your replacement image. Then use Layers > Rotate / Zoom to change the perspective to what looks okay. Use the Move Selected Pixels tool with the Shift key down to resize the image. And reposition the image with the Move Selected Pixels tool.
  11. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/get-the-windows-10-may-2021-update-7d20e88c-0568-483a-37bc-c3885390d212
  12. With the settings I used, at Quality 4 the size was reduced to 4X4 pixel area. At Quality 5 the problem was resolved.
  13. Install Paint.net on your new computer. Copy/Paste the Effects and File Types folders on your old PC to a USB drive, then Copy/Paste the contents to the folders on your new PC. Fonts are a function of Windows, not specific to Paint.net. You'll need to copy them from the Fonts folder on your old PC. Typically, Drive C > Windows > Fonts
  14. Please open your Effects folder and post a full screenshot.
  15. I tried it out using the Mercator from the site you linked to. Expand the canvas, then fill in the extra space with ocean, draw in the latitude and longitude lines. Run Shape 3D Half Map. Selection stretch the sides and selection compress the top and bottom.
  16. The Clone Stamp tool might work for you, or you can copy a piece of the texture, paste it into a new file and save it as a .png file. Then you can use that file as a brush in the Brush Factory plugin.
  17. You will want to do all of your editing on New Layers above the background image. The red line on the left goes from the end of the man's hand to the end of the hand's shadow. This gives you the angle of the sunlight. Get the shadow color with the Color Picker tool from the existing shadows. Then use your imagination for the shape of the girl's shadow. Because she is up in the air, shadow will be lighter in color due to more ambient light. Reduce the darkness of the shadow by reducing Opacity in Layer Properties. The shadow can be moved up or down on the canvas to match where you want the girl to be in the scene. (Nearer or more distant in the scene.) ========================================= It might look better if the girl was smaller and rotated, if you can do so without losing too much image quality. Erase any parts of the shadow that cover any foreground items.
  18. The Classic version (free) has all of the functionality of the MS store version. (Except the store version updates automatically.)
  19. Try this: Right-click Open in new tab
  20. First remove everything that looks like stairs, using Select/Delete and Eraser tool. Then put a new layer under the image and make a Rectangular selection bigger than the hole. Apply a Linear Gradient to the selection with different shades of grey as Primary and Secondary colors. You will need to do some final detail work using this tutorial. (Click the PDF link).
  21. So, do you just want to eliminate the steps? Something like this?
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