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  1. Minners & NoahsMyBro: Not sure if you are still following this thread. I can get everything to work until I get to the object outline. I assume you are using BoltBait's Object->Outline Object? If so, I cannot get it to work. Many of his other Object effects, such as Bevel Object and Inner Shadow work fine. Is there a step somewhere that I have missed? Thanks, Harry
  2. It is working just fine today. Perhaps I was implementing 'Paste from Clipboard' incorrectly before. I have written some instructions so I don't forget the next time. Harry
  3. For me, Fill Factors would be even more confusing. In any case, a larger number should indicate more of the image, not less of it. Does your copy work the same as I described? Harry
  4. I have 4.0.21, running on Windows Pro (64 bit) SP1 operating system. I just installed your Plug In Pack 4.7.6565.29427. I followed your clear instructions, and installed all of the Plug ins. Everything seemed to go smoothly. And the Help screens seem very good. I was really interested in your Effects->Fill plugins. I really like the option of being able to Fill from a File via Browsing. I find that much easier/quicker than the traditional Fill from Clipboard. But I think there is a problem with both of these plugins. The Zoom feature is REVERSED! Look at the attachment. The top screen ('Fill from Clipboard') shows the image I filled placed in the left upper corner. The Zoom is set to 1.0. Now look at the 2nd screen. Here Zoom is set to 0.301. But the image is LARGER. In the third screen, the Zoom is set to 2.775, and the image is smaller! In the last screen I used 'Fill from File'. The same problem exists, as shown my having to set the Zoom to 0.374 to get a larger than standard image. Would you please check and see if you can confirm this problem? Thanks, Harry
  5. I have 4.0.21, running on Windows Pro (64 bit) SP1 operating system. I followed the thread when you proposed setting up what became PasteFromClipboard. I think it is a great concept. I recently installed Version 1.2. But I have found what seems to be a problem. The Blend feature does not seem to work. Look at the attachment. In the top image, you can see that I have checked 'Blend with Canvas Image' and selected Normal as the Blend Mode. The red arrow points to the small image I pasted from my Clipboard. Now look at the bottom image. There I selected the Xor Blend Mode, which usually results in an image much different from the Normal. But it looks the same. I also tried then clicking the "OK' button, in case that might be what was required to change the Blend Mode. No difference. I then tried every Blend Mode in your dropdown list. They all looked the same. Is there a problem here, or have I missed a step somewhere? Harry
  6. MJW, Eli & Ego Eram Reputo: Thanks for the very clear explaination and screenshot. Now that I understand how Align Object functions, I have it working just fine. Harry
  7. Eli: I downloaded the KrisVDM pack, and installed three of the effects, including Object Align. But I can't get Object Align to do anything. I open an image, and expand the canvas. Then I select one of the Object Align options. A small screen flashes briefly (so fast I can't see what it says), but the image does not move! Perhaps I am using it incorrectly. Can you give me a few tips? The other two effects I downloaded work just fine. Harry
  8. MJW: >>it seems to expand it with the secondary color.<< I never would have thought of that! And thanks for the detailed instructions. In fact, using this procedure, I frequently won't even need a second layer for those times I want to fill the expanded canvas with a solid color. Harry
  9. I'm having a slightly different problem. I have an image, 900px by 375 px. I want to merge that with a 900px x 675px image on another layer, but I want the 900px x 375px image to be in the center of the composite. I'm faiirly new to , but it seemed like the solution was to use the Image->Canvas Size command, where I can create a larger canvas size, and place my image in the center. The instruction for say the enlarged canvas will be transparent, but mine is white, and I cannot figure out how to change it to tranparent. Can someone provide a little guidance? Thanks, Harry