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  1. I have Paint.Net 4.2.15 running on Windows 7. I have the same issue as hunterbr had back in 2007. I tried to follow the steps you prescribed. #1 .Worked fine. #2 says: Choose the rectangle tool and change the outline icon at the top of the window into :ShapeInterior: . I chose the rectangular tool, but I could not find an outline icon at the top of the window to change. Did I miss something, or has paint.net changed the procedure since 2007? Harry
  2. Rick: That fixed it! Now updated to 4.28. Thanks so much. And thanks for continuing to support Windows 7. I remember how long it took me to update from XP to Win 7 and get everything set the way I like to operate. I am not quite ready to do that again--especially at my age. Harry
  3. I run PaintNet 4.27 on Windows 7 Pro (64 bit) SP1. I have tried several times over the past couple of weeks to try to update to 4.28. I always get this error message: "There was an error while checking for updates. There was an error decompressing the download." I searched the forum for 'updates' and could not find this issue addressed. Does anyone else have this problem, and if so, what is the solution? Harry
  4. Minners & NoahsMyBro: Not sure if you are still following this thread. I can get everything to work until I get to the object outline. I assume you are using BoltBait's Object->Outline Object? If so, I cannot get it to work. Many of his other Object effects, such as Bevel Object and Inner Shadow work fine. Is there a step somewhere that I have missed? Thanks, Harry
  5. It is working just fine today. Perhaps I was implementing 'Paste from Clipboard' incorrectly before. I have written some instructions so I don't forget the next time. Harry
  6. For me, Fill Factors would be even more confusing. In any case, a larger number should indicate more of the image, not less of it. Does your copy work the same as I described? Harry
  7. I have Paint.net 4.0.21, running on Windows Pro (64 bit) SP1 operating system. I just installed your Plug In Pack 4.7.6565.29427. I followed your clear instructions, and installed all of the Plug ins. Everything seemed to go smoothly. And the Help screens seem very good. I was really interested in your Effects->Fill plugins. I really like the option of being able to Fill from a File via Browsing. I find that much easier/quicker than the traditional Fill from Clipboard. But I think there is a problem with both of these plugins. The Zoom feature is REVERSED! Look at
  8. I have Paint.net 4.0.21, running on Windows Pro (64 bit) SP1 operating system. I followed the thread when you proposed setting up what became PasteFromClipboard. I think it is a great concept. I recently installed Version 1.2. But I have found what seems to be a problem. The Blend feature does not seem to work. Look at the attachment. In the top image, you can see that I have checked 'Blend with Canvas Image' and selected Normal as the Blend Mode. The red arrow points to the small image I pasted from my Clipboard. Now look at the bottom image. There I select
  9. MJW, Eli & Ego Eram Reputo: Thanks for the very clear explaination and screenshot. Now that I understand how Align Object functions, I have it working just fine. Harry
  10. Eli: I downloaded the KrisVDM pack, and installed three of the effects, including Object Align. But I can't get Object Align to do anything. I open an image, and expand the canvas. Then I select one of the Object Align options. A small screen flashes briefly (so fast I can't see what it says), but the image does not move! Perhaps I am using it incorrectly. Can you give me a few tips? The other two effects I downloaded work just fine. Harry
  11. MJW: >>it seems to expand it with the secondary color.<< I never would have thought of that! And thanks for the detailed instructions. In fact, using this procedure, I frequently won't even need a second layer for those times I want to fill the expanded canvas with a solid color. Harry
  12. I'm having a slightly different problem. I have an image, 900px by 375 px. I want to merge that with a 900px x 675px image on another layer, but I want the 900px x 375px image to be in the center of the composite. I'm faiirly new to paint.net , but it seemed like the solution was to use the Image->Canvas Size command, where I can create a larger canvas size, and place my image in the center. The instruction for paint.net say the enlarged canvas will be transparent, but mine is white, and I cannot figure out how to change it to tranparent. Can someone provide a little guidance?
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