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  1. One option is to print a screenshot, like the image you posted here. Another way would be to resize the image. Multiply both the vertical and horizontal dimensions by 100. Then use a one pixel-width grid.
  2. Apply effects-> stylize-> outline. Apply the Kill Color Keeper plugin set to kill white.
  3. Re: Going back to your existing version if needed. From Rule 8: Do not ask for older versions of Paint.NET. This is a corollary to #7, but I'm spelling it out separately anyway. We will not provide download links for them -- you are on your own to find them (hint: try a search engine) Again: (hint: try a search engine) Do a web search using this search term: paint.net old versions
  4. Have you tried both of these links? https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/16643-dpys-plugin-pack-2014-05-04/?ct=1632513380 https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/16643-dpys-plugin-pack-2014-05-04/?ct=1632513373 Also, sometimes a reluctant link will work if you do this: Right-click Open in new tab
  5. paint.net 4.3 beta build 7929.41199 Fragment blur produces no effect. Works with 4.2.16.
  6. Align Object is a plugin, available here. Plugin installation instructions https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/InstallPlugins.html The red dot should be placed on a new transparent layer above the spiral layer. Be sure that the dot layer is above the spiral, and is the active layer when placing the dot. Also make sure that there is no selection active. Press Ctrl D first to kill any active selection. The plugin is used simply to be sure that the dot is centered in the layer.
  7. Yes, either Intersect or Subtract mode will cause this. The standard default mode is Replace. I made a short video showing another way to do this where you can make color segments of whatever length you wish. Video Download However if you are determined to use only one layer the video can be safely ignored. Remember, regardless of how many layers are used to create an image it can easily be saved as a single layer final product. Ctrl Shift C Copy Image Ctrl Alt V Paste into New Image Ctrl S Save
  8. If you have the Windows Store version of paint.net: In the Windows Store version of paint.net, the directories for plugins and Shapes are different. These locations need to be created manually. First navigate to your Documents folder (this may be translated to your system language). In it, create a new folder called paint.net App Files Then create three subfolders in the new folder. These should be called: Effects, FileTypes and Shapes. The correct spelling of these folder names is essential, however Windows and paint.net will ignore the capitalization (or lack of).
  9. On a New Layer beneath the Tesla T, make a small colored dot. Use the Align Object plugin to center the dot. Position the tip of the T at the middle of the dot. Duplicate the T layer. Using the Move Selected Pixels tool with the Shift key down and the right mouse button, rotate the layer three steps. Repeat until done.
  10. On a new layer run the Light Rays plugin. On the spiral layer, Magic Wand outside the spiral. Make the Light Rays layer active and press Delete. Paint Bucket fill each segment with your choice of colors. Light Rays is in this plugin pack:
  11. I don't know of a way to automatically start a new line at the point where you finished the previous line. What you can do is to note the pixel position where you end a line and position the mouse cursor there before starting the next line.
  12. You can upload the image to an image hosting site, and post the link here.
  13. You might want to replace the tabletop completely. After that you can add letters and shadows. Here is a video showing one way to replace the tabletop. Video Download
  14. Do you mean to turn an existing background black, or put a black border around an image? To put a black border around an image, set the Secondary color to black and expand the canvas. To turn an existing background black, the best way would vary depending on the nature of the particular image.
  15. Okay, thanks. I was using upper-case letters.
  16. It is located in the Render subfolder. Nothing happens, so it is either not working or I don't understand how to use it. Not sure what should be entered in the ABC-String box. Maybe you could post a screenshot of the IU in use. Does this require additional G-MIC related files in the Effects folder?
  17. You probably can do this using: https://www.autohotkey.com/
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